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Desktops - Page 30


Desktop systems today run the gamut from economic all-in-ones to high-performance gaming rigs. Whether you're looking to buy a pre-built desktop or assemble your own, we have the reviews and benchmarks to make sure you get a balanced system that meets all your needs and budget.

news - FEBRUARY 18 17

How would you feel about winning a Clash of the Titans PC with touchscreen?

news - FEBRUARY 17 46

An 'Apple' for the PC enthusiast. Could it be a match made in heaven?

news - FEBRUARY 17 78

It's just a little melted, it's still good!

news - FEBRUARY 12 30

digital Storm has introduced a new gaming rig with overclockers in mind.

news - FEBRUARY 4 22

Gateway has given its FX, SX and DX desktop lines a refresh, adding Intel's new Core i5 and Core i3 chips under the hood and a sleek new finish on the outside.

news - FEBRUARY 4 8

Shuttle's upcoming J Series of small form factor PCs will come packed with a free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla.

news - FEBRUARY 2 89

The eternal debate in the hands of experts, most of whom share the same opinion.

news - FEBRUARY 1 40

Three monitors are always better than one!

news - JANUARY 29 9

Our special holiday buying season deal collections in partnership with LogicBuy is coming to a close. We hope that you've enjoyed all the special hand-picked deals that we've found for you. So, tell us, what...

news - JANUARY 28 8

The deals roll on amidst all the iPad madness. Yes, there are indeed many more products out there than just the single tablet device, so let's take a look at some of the sales of these items!

news - JANUARY 26 21

No matter what it sells, Apple rakes it in.

news - JANUARY 26 4

We post a lot of deals every week, and sorting through to find which are the best ones can be a tiring task; so we've done the hard work and present to you what we think are the top deals of the day. Check 'em...

news - JANUARY 22 2

Say hello to an extra big helping of deals on the stuff you care about to help you make it through the weekend.

news - JANUARY 20 2

The deals on computers and other cool stuff roll on, thanks to our sponsor LogicBuy.

news - JANUARY 20 76

Acer to survive while HP and Dell to vanish?

news - JANUARY 19 2

Welcome back from the long weekend. We hope that you've enjoyed yourselves. If you're looking to get back up to speed with a speedier laptop, you've come to the right place. Check out these deals courtesy of...

news - JANUARY 18 45

The Froot uses projectors and sensors to eliminate the need for a display or a keyboard.

news - JANUARY 18 25

Another manic Monday with the rumormongers.

news - JANUARY 15 2

Do you have laptop envy?

news - JANUARY 15 70

Start saving up those pennies for your next PC -- it could cost a little more.

news - JANUARY 15 12

Gigabyte brings DirectX 11 to the desktop with two Radeon HD 5600 cards.

news - JANUARY 14 1

It's an extra large helping of deals for today from our sponsors LogicBuy, so load up on the new stuff if you're feeling the need for new shiny things.

news - JANUARY 13 13

Want a PC made with recyclable wood and sheep leather? This is your HTPC.

news - JANUARY 13 7

A concept all-in-one PC from MSI features 3D and a sliding screen.

news - JANUARY 13 15

Retro-tech has built a coffee table with an embedded PC.

news - JANUARY 11 4

It's back to our regularly scheduled grind after the CES madness. Thanks to LogicBuy for providing us with these deals!