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Whatever your device, the display is what you will use the most. Tom's Hardware provides the benchmarks and information you need to de-mystify the specifications and understand the technologies behind current display types.


Dell now offers three Ultra HD monitors for your consideration. We tested the 32-inch UP3214Q last month. Today, we’re looking at the 24-inch UP2414Q. Despite its smaller size, this is still a $1000+ display....


AOC and GeChic recently introduced a pair of portable, USB-powered displays. GeChic’s On-Lap 1502I boasts a 1920x1080 resolution and 10-point multi-touch. AOC’s E1659FWU delivers simplicity and a low price....

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Display experts answer your questions

news - APRIL 15 5

Google Glass is now running on KitKat.

Tutorial - FEBRUARY 25

This guide will give you some basic steps on how to troubleshoot the No Boot / No Display issue, which is one of...

news - APRIL 15 27

LG's G2 was first announced in early August, 2013, so the company is busy working on the next generation of its flagship phone. LG has confirmed to Engadget that the G3 will feature a quad HD display with a...

news - APRIL 11 24

Rumor has it that VESA has accepted AMD's proposal to implement FreeSync.

news - APRIL 11 8

Google will open up some spots on the Explorer program next week.

news - APRIL 9 12

These monitors promise enhanced visual comfort.

news - APRIL 8 11

HP launched two new DreamColor displays, one of which is quite affordable.

news - APRIL 8 3

Club3D gives you more options to connect multiple monitors to a single DisplayPort 1.2 connector.

news - APRIL 4 15

This monitor has a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

news - APRIL 3 25

He responds to a musician's blog.

news - MARCH 27 45

We take a look at the new development kit.

news - MARCH 21 30

Better start saving those pennies.

news - MARCH 12 1

Oculus VR has a new chief architect.

news - MARCH 12 13

Oculus VR's first-generation development kit is almost sold out.

news - MARCH 5 48

Pretty much everyone will be able to afford Oculus Rift.

news - MARCH 4 6

This tablet provides the sensation of smooth and rough using vibrations.

news - FEBRUARY 28 9

Here's a new monitor with two HDMI ports for multitasking.

news - FEBRUARY 22 23

Can Google Glass cause a headache?

news - FEBRUARY 19 22

Google has a list of Do's and Don'ts regarding wearing Glass.

news - FEBRUARY 14 5

ViewSonic has a new touch panel with an interesting stand.

news - FEBRUARY 10 1

Manufacturer Small PC has revealed its latest waterproof marine LCD touchscreen display.