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Whatever your device, the display is what you will use the most. Tom's Hardware provides the benchmarks and information you need to de-mystify the specifications and understand the technologies behind current display types.


The extra pixel density of a 27-inch monitor sporting a native 2560x1440 resolution can make small text difficult to read. BenQ solves the problem by adding five extra inches to its BL3200PT. Today we test this...


Only two companies still make plasma TVs, so we’re excited to check out Samsung’s latest, the PN51F8500. It boasts 3D, SmartHub 2.0, and superb image quality. In the vast ocean of LCD televisions, it’s a...

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Display experts answer your questions

news - AUGUST 28 2

Leap Motion is working on a sensor specifically for virtual reality.

Tutorial - AUGUST 15

Hello to all readers, this is my first tutorial and any suggestions/ improvements are welcome. Let me start off with description of the urge or...

news - AUGUST 18 7

Sprint is expected to reveal a new Sharp smartphone with a super-thin bezel.

news - AUGUST 15 7

The Razer Nabu won't arrive until October.

news - AUGUST 7 5

Microsoft Research is working on haptics technology.

news - AUGUST 5 19

Acer has a new UHD display.

news - JULY 31 6

This kit uses a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen.

news - JULY 24 4

Lenovo will talk more about its smartglasses in October.

news - JULY 23 26

This gaming monitor supports Nvidia's G-Sync technology.

news - JULY 16 1

Google has signed a deal with Alcon to make "smart" contact lenses.

news - JULY 14 0

Google Glass designer Babak Parviz is moving to Amazon.

news - JULY 11 27

HDTVs that can be rolled up could arrive in 2017.

news - JULY 8 6

The device will be revealed during IFA 2014.

news - JULY 7 3

The conference will be a two-day event.

news - JULY 3 18

3D experiences should be abundant once the Oculus Rift goes commercial.

news - JUNE 25 9

Oculus VR is acquiring Carbon Design.

news - JUNE 19 3

This display technology can take on any shape.

news - JUNE 18 7

Samsung seems to be working on two headsets: one VR and one AR.

news - MAY 23 2

This company is working on touch for augmented reality devices.

news - MAY 22 15

He lists the pros and cons of having and using Google Glass.