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news - JUNE 21 3

EVS has announced its new KBN-I motherboard, the first to feature the new Kabini chip from AMD.

reviews - JUNE 4 91

Intel’s Haswell architecture displaces Ivy Bridge in its desktop line-up, bringing with it yet another new CPU interface. We tested six motherboards that claimed to be ready for your overclocking efforts, and...

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news - MAY 19 8

ECS has launched its new range of Intel 8-Series Motherboards, which will begin shipping in Q2 2013.

news - MAY 6 17

Our sources in Taiwan provided us with some juicy details about two new tablets that should provide Intel with a more successful path into the mass market for tablets.

news - APRIL 15 11

ECS is attempting to make a name for itself by producing a "tough" motherboard design

news - MARCH 1 3

ECS is releasing a 23.6" customizable All-In-One PC.

news - JANUARY 12 3

If you're a case modder, you may want to consider trying your hand at winning this competition.

reviews - NOVEMBER 26 55

After just one generation, Socket FM1 is dead. We test six Socket FM2-based motherboards able to take AMD's newest APUs built using the Trinity architecture. Can any of these platforms, armed with AMD A85X...

reviews - OCTOBER 10 35

Expanded graphics card support, enhanced on-board features that include Thunderbolt on some models, and more-robust voltage control are all good reasons to consider paying a little extra for a higher-end...

reviews - JULY 23 66

Intel’s LGA 1155 interface is designed for mainstream buyers, yet the firm’s Ivy Bridge-based processors put it in the performance spotlight. We compare seven Z77 Express motherboards that deliver...

news - JUNE 12 16

ECS brought a new card and two of its recently announced motherboards to the Computex show floor.

reviews - JUNE 8 58

Frugality returned in this quarter's System Builder Marathon, tipping the balance towards less-elaborate gaming rigs. Does cutting deep into the budgets end up hurting our lower-cost build too much for it to...

reviews - JUNE 7 216

After stripping $150 from his already frugal budget, Paul is forced to make a tough gamble in order to hit his build goals. Will the decision to spend big on graphics bite him in the rear when he has to cut...

reviews - APRIL 30 95

Combining the newest features with moderate expandability, Intel’s mainstream platforms provide high value to most gaming and overclocking enthusiasts. We compare six examples with Z77 Express to find the...

reviews - FEBRUARY 27 41

We know that Intel's X79 Express platform hosts the fastest desktop processors in the company's portfolio. But can it be made more affordable? We round up the least-expensive $200-$260 motherboards to determine...

reviews - JANUARY 19 40

We were foiled in our quest to find the best vendor-provided GPU cooler for Nvidia's GeForce GTX 560. But out of the ashes sprung a round-up of cards armed with those very same solutions. Which of these five...

reviews - JANUARY 12 41

With 40 lanes of PCIe 3.0 connectivity to host all of our high-bandwidth devices, LGA 2011 certainly qualifies as a premium processor interface. Today we examine seven X79-based motherboards that offer high-end...

reviews - NOVEMBER 7 67

Forty-two PCIe lanes give the 990FX a clear connectivity lead over competing Intel chipsets. We compare five class-leading products using AMD's FX-8150 to see which offers the best combination of performance,...

reviews - AUGUST 17 45

Advanced on-board graphics put AMD’s Llano-based APU far ahead of Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture, at least when it comes to 3D apps. But you’ll still need a new motherboard to support the Socket FM1...

reviews - JULY 4 37

AMD’s Brazos platform, driven by the Zacate APU, offers a lot of performance per watt. It comes up short on features, though. Eight manufacturers try to change that perception by adding slots, controllers,...

reviews - JUNE 1 60

Double-slot graphics cards seem to be the norm, much to the chagrin of enthusiasts trying to build systems with only a single slot of upgrade space. We hunted down three of the fastest cards able to slip into...