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news - JULY 31 4

Facebook is working to get 5 billion people online.

news - MAY 24 16

Facebook will use a new audio fingerprinting tool to detect what movies, music, or TV shows you're watching or listening to.

Facebook on the Community

Facebook experts answer your questions

news - MAY 17 6

Oculus adds another big name to its payroll.

Tutorial - MARCH 18

Facebook account can be accessed by providing your email address or registered mobile number with the legitimate password combination. If you...

news - APRIL 18 0

Let your friends see exactly where you are.

news - APRIL 16 10

Facebook may become a PayPal rival.

news - APRIL 4 35

Sound off on your thoughts about Facebook paying $2 billion for Oculus VR!

news - APRIL 3 25

He responds to a musician's blog.

news - MARCH 28 20

Oculus gains a new scientist courtesy of Valve.

news - MARCH 28 24

Here are some of the ways we think Facebook will use Oculus VR's technology.

news - MARCH 26 66

Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion. What happens now?

news - MARCH 14 22

Mark Zuckerberg speaks out against the NSA.

news - DECEMBER 10 24

Facebook is considering a "sympathize" button for sad updates.

news - OCTOBER 31 6

Just yesterday the company released the latest iteration of its messaging app for Android, promising faster, more reliable service and clean, modern interface.

news - SEPTEMBER 13 12

Mark Zuckerberg takes the stage at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference.

news - AUGUST 1 20

Maybe Yahoo! has an opening?

news - JULY 18 18

After Microsoft defended itself against last week's NSA allegations, the company has joined an alliance to address President Obama personally.

news - JULY 10 16

Facebook troll ends up in prison.

news - JUNE 21 2

Prepare for videos in your Instagram feed.

news - JUNE 13 4

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on Facebook games.

news - JUNE 10 14

Rumor has it Google is looking to spend big on mapping.

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