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Firefox is Mozilla's free and open source web browser, and is one of the most popular and customizable web browsers available. Get the latest news, tips, and plugin knowledge, or just see how Firefox stacks up against other browsers, here at Tom's Hardware.

news - AUGUST 25 6

Mozilla and their partner Intex Technologies are bringing the first Firefox OS phone to India, called Cloud FX, at a low price of only $33.

news - MAY 13 0

Look out Android! The updated Firefox OS has a number of new features.

Firefox on the Community

Firefox experts answer your questions

news - MAY 10 13

The ZTE Open C is now on eBay around the world.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 22

Sometimes when you download large files on your Mac, errors occur and you end up with an interupted download. Sometimes you may need to pause a...

news - APRIL 30 44

Firefox is starting to look like Chrome.

news - MARCH 17 22

End of the line before Metro Firefox ever got off the ground.

news - FEBRUARY 12 34

Mozilla today announced plans to put ads inside its Firefox browser. If you're already a Firefox user, you likely won't see any at all.

news - JANUARY 20 14

Mozilla currently working prototype is an Infocus nFocus New Tab F1 tablet.

news - JANUARY 14 8

Mozilla wants a verification system for software.

news - NOVEMBER 19 9

Mozilla Executive Chair Mitchell Baker revealed the news at the OpenMobile Summit.

news - OCTOBER 29 5

Here's a good way to see who is tracking your browsing habits.

news - OCTOBER 24 5

LG's first Firefox OS phone is launching in Brazil.

news - OCTOBER 11 7

Firefox OS will reach even more markets by the end of the year.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 11

Mozilla is phasing out old plugin technology.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 2

Mozilla has launched the Metro Preview Release of Firefox.

news - SEPTEMBER 18 10

Mozilla is blaming slow progress as the reason for the delay.

news - AUGUST 26 8

Firefox Metro is now offered in the Nightly build.

news - AUGUST 20 3

That was quick, not as quick as the developer-only phones earlier this year.

news - JULY 2 5

At long last...

news - JULY 2 3

Mozilla says Firefox OS tablets will arrive ASAP.

reviews - JULY 1 102

Today, we have the latest benchmark results from the top four Windows-based Web browsers, along with a sneak peek at Opera's upcoming Chromium-based overhaul. Is this really a step-up from Presto/Carakan or...

news - JUNE 25 11

Foxconn is hiring extra workers to develop apps for Firefox OS.

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