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news - NOVEMBER 22 4

The Abominable Snowman has invaded the popular Android console.

news - APRIL 3 1

Adata has released an update for a number of its SSDs which solves TRIM issues.

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Firmware experts answer your questions

reviews - APRIL 5 47

When Qualcomm bought Bigfoot Networks, maker of the famed Killer Ethernet adapters, we wondered if Qualcomm was right in the head. Could Bigfoot's enhancements possibly translate into benefits in the world of...

Tutorial - AUGUST 13

How Can I Upgrade the Firmware on My Samsung Tablet? After you have purchased your Samsung tablet, you might...

news - SEPTEMBER 18 26

At Apple's most recent conference, Steve Jobs announced that iOS 4.2 for the iPad would be arriving sometime in November. That's a long time to wait for many iPad owners.