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news - SEPTEMBER 5 15

G.Skill claims to be first to bring 3333 MHz DDR4 memory to the market.

G.SKILL on Youtube
news - AUGUST 29 12

A roundup of memory news.

G.SKILL on the Community

G.SKILL experts answer your questions

news - AUGUST 22 25

G.Skill officially announced its complete Ripjaws 4 DDR4 lineup.

reviews - DECEMBER 2 27

Have you ever come up with your own idea for a killer rig? Don't forget to tell us about it on the Tom's Hardware forums. The following ten setups were configured by forum members and chosen as winners in the...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 28 13

Earlier this week, the Tom's Hardware community had an opportunity to ask representatives of G.Skill anything they wanted about the company and its products. What follows is a collection of the questions and...

news - SEPTEMBER 26 11

G.SKILL has broken another record.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 16 63

Graphics workloads love fast memory. But how much difference can a desktop-oriented kit have on gaming performance with Intel's HD Graphics 4600 or AMD's Radeon HD 8670D? We test six 16 GB kits, two all the way...

news - AUGUST 26 4

The G.Skill SO-DIMM DDR3 Ripjaws performance memory will be available with a choice of two frequencies and 4 GB to 16 GB kits.

reviews - JUNE 26 38

Our top three builders struggled to fit big performance into three tiny ITX-based platforms at three budget levels. Will the more expensive machines once again justify their higher prices through...

news - JUNE 5 26

G.Skill’s new TridentX DDR3 32 GB memory kit is clocked at 3000 MHz and is fully compatible with Intel’s 4th Generation Core processors.

reviews - MAY 13 38

We've abided by Intel's 1.55 V recommendation for two architectures and two die shrinks, yet most performance memory manufacturers ignore it. Recent problems with one of our builds raised the question, how far...

reviews - MARCH 11 77

So you like our System Builder Marathon? Ever come up with your own idea for a killer rig? Don't forget to tell us about it on the Tom's Hardware forums. The following ten setups were configured by forum...

reviews - MARCH 1 119

We've long claimed that the sweet spot for value was somewhere around $800. So, we narrowed this quarter's System Builder Marathon from $600 to $1,000. Which one of our three configurations gives us the most...

reviews - FEBRUARY 26 179

After one quarter after another of Pentium-based budget-oriented gaming builds, Paul Henningsen is ready to put together something a little more potent. We gave him an extra $100 and asked him to show us how to...

news - FEBRUARY 7 23

G.Skill claims to have built the fastest 32 GB memory kit, which runs at 2800 MHz.

reviews - FEBRUARY 4 93

When it comes to gaming, the integrated Radeon on AMD's Trinity architecture crushes the HD Graphics 4000 engine native to Intel's fastest Ivy Bridge CPU. But we want to make a good thing better. How much does...

reviews - JANUARY 28 89

Not all games are held back by graphics performance. Some seem to be CPU-limited. However, we've even seen benchmark results that appeared to be affected by memory bandwidth. Today we compare quad-channel,...

reviews - DECEMBER 7 76

This quarter is full of surprises, from a value-oriented $500 build that includes a Radeon HD 7850 to a $1,000 machine based on AMD's FX-8350 and a $2,000 box armed with a pair of Radeon HD 7970s. We mix it up...

reviews - DECEMBER 6 100

Last quarter, our highest-end build put an emphasis on host processing. This time around, we're setting our sights on gaming performance. That's not to say any part of this $2000 build suffers. It sports Radeon...

reviews - DECEMBER 4 151

We were hoping to kick this quarter's System Builder Marathon off with AMD's new Athlon X4 750K. But a lack of availability compels us back into the arms of Intel's dual-core Pentium. Happily, an affordable...

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