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From consoles to computers and smartphones, games are more accessible and diverse than ever before. Whether you want to know more about how the latest shooter looks on your hardware or when you can expect the next MMO to launch, Tom's Hardware has your gaming needs covered.


Nvidia is in the process of rolling out its GeForce GTX 800M-series graphics modules. Despite the new name, we're still looking at GK104-based GPUs. One thing is for sure, though: the processor is running...


We spent our weekend benchmarking the sharp-looking iBuyPower Erebus loaded with a pair of Radeon R9 295X2 graphics cards. Do the new boards fare better than the quad-GPU configurations we've tested before, or...

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news - APRIL 24 3

Three new models were added to the XL-Z series.

Tutorial - MARCH 31

Hey Guys! I'm new to Tom's Hardware and this is my first post that I'll do; So i got my first ever job back in November and...

news - APRIL 23 18

BioWare and EA have set the street date for the latest Dragon Age title.

news - APRIL 23 13

The Nvidia Shield 2 will likely have the Tegra K1 processor.

news - APRIL 22 6

According to Stoic and Albert Ransom, King's settled its trademark disputes with both of them.

news - APRIL 22 10

AMD is now offering the Never Settle Forever bundle to a wider range of cards.

news - APRIL 22 4

Virtual World Web is collaborating with Oculus VR and Virtuix.

news - APRIL 21 6

Don't expect Beyond Earth to be VR friendly.

news - APRIL 21 15

Just in case you needed further proof that Oculus Rift will change the world.

news - APRIL 21 10

VisionTek's CryoVenom R9 290LE has pretty packaging.

news - APRIL 21 30

Ars Technica compiled 172 Steam profiles-worth of data to make the call that 36 percent of registered games remain unplayed.

news - APRIL 19 55

It's only temporary.

news - APRIL 19 11

A PC classic has arrived on Google Play.

news - APRIL 18 19

Nvidia's KitKat update for Shield allows you to run GameStream from far, far away.

news - APRIL 17 9

Sources say it may not be until November before we see the final product.

news - APRIL 16 15

MSI has revealed a whole array of new motherboards.

news - APRIL 15 11

Micosoft's newest Xbox One update is now being pushed to consoles around the world.

news - APRIL 15 12

Epic Games wants more developers to have access to UE4.

news - APRIL 15 11

Sorry, World of Darkness fans, CCP has just announced that the MMO it was working on is now cancelled.

news - APRIL 14 15

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth will support AMD's Mantle API.