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From consoles to computers and smartphones, games are more accessible and diverse than ever before. Whether you want to know more about how the latest shooter looks on your hardware or when you can expect the next MMO to launch, Tom's Hardware has your gaming needs covered.


The past few weeks brought AMD's Radeon R9 285 to market, an interesting card with a few surprises up its sleeve. Aside from that we've heard a lot of rumors regarding Nvidia's upcoming Maxwell flagship, and...


Gamescom 2014 is finally upon us! Luckily, Tom's Hardware Germany was in attendance, so you don’t have to travel all the way to Cologne, Germany and stand in line for hours. Join us as we showcase the best...

Gaming on the Community

Gaming experts answer your questions

news - SEPTEMBER 16 16

Meet the Totem.

Tutorial - SEPTEMBER 14

hello everyone . i am going to build a hardcore gaming pc. now i am little bit confused. my specs ... processor = i5 4670k motherboard = msi...

news - SEPTEMBER 16 7

On Tuesday, Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc updated the company’s Windows blog with news of an updated Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse ($69.95).

news - SEPTEMBER 16 3

The tablet is expected to ship around October 1.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 33

Rockstar explains why the PC version doesn't debut until next year.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 18

As expected, Minecraft's creator is leaving once Microsoft acquires Mojang.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 21

Will Mojang take the Microsoft bait?

news - SEPTEMBER 12 34

The game isn't hitting the PC until next year.

news - SEPTEMBER 11 16

The minimum requirements aren't too shabby.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 14

Cooler Master's new gaming mouse is simple but offers enough features for most folks.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 24

It's the biggest new IP launch in the industry's history.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 16

Here's a hot little rumor.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 11

The game is on track to launch next month.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 15

Asus' new gaming desktop packs a lot of power into a tiny package.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 4

The genie can be found in the Warlords of Draenor beta.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 25

It looks like we might finally be getting some IPS monitors that are also good for gaming.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 29

MSI is launching a new super-thin gaming laptop and a GameDock for adding discrete graphics.

news - AUGUST 28 13

Razer has updated the Orbweaver with the company's proprietary switches.

news - AUGUST 26 13

Patch 2.1.0 rolls out today, and the first Season begins on Friday.

news - AUGUST 26 4

Here's a new Battlebox packed with Nvidia's GTX Titan Z card.

news - AUGUST 25 10

Razer's new software is launching next month.

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