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Android L looks to be major, but how does the new interface, abandonment of Dalvik and the introduction of new features affect performance?

news - SEPTEMBER 30 25

Project Ara will get hot-swappable modules thanks to Linaro, and the device should be available on the market early 2015.

Google on the Community

Google experts answer your questions

news - SEPTEMBER 22 6

WSJ sources confirm that the upcoming Nexus 9 tablet will be made by HTC.

Tutorial - SEPTEMBER 25

If you are a regular user of Google Maps and you use your Android smartphone to locate various places to visit, it is likely that your instance of...

news - SEPTEMBER 18 0

Simply Secure is a new organization Google launched to help open source security tools become more usable in order for more people to take advantage of them.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 2

Unreal Engine will soon support two VR solutions.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 11

After previewing them at I/O 2014, Google is unveiling the first smartphones that will be part of the Android One program, starting at a low price point of only $105.

news - SEPTEMBER 11 10

The 5 million Google accounts leak didn't come from Google directly.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 14

This information may be too old to be relevant.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 6

Disconnect Mobile, an app that promises to protect user privacy and security against malicious advertising, is back in the Play Store after being banned by Google two weeks ago.

news - AUGUST 25 26

That's right: Amazon has agreed to purchase Twitch. Sorry, Google.

news - AUGUST 15 6

Affordable Android One smartphones to begin shipping in India as early as next month, a month ahead of schedule.

news - AUGUST 12 14

The "kill-switch" bill is now heading to California's governor for approval.

news - AUGUST 12 5

This new system will be called FASTER.

news - AUGUST 7 4

Google pushes for more security on the web with the new change in its search algorithm that boosts ranking for websites using HTTPS encryption.

news - AUGUST 7 12

Microsoft will scan image "thumbprints" for child pornography.

news - AUGUST 4 17

Google may be scanning your images. This article was updated with Google's explanation.

news - JULY 30 6

This vulnerability allows malware to appear as a legitimate app.

news - JULY 25 12

Sources claim Google is offering $1 billion in cold hard cash. Ka-ching!

news - JULY 21 13

A Chrome for Windows bug can drain a laptop's battery.

news - JULY 16 1

Google has signed a deal with Alcon to make "smart" contact lenses.

news - JULY 14 0

Google Glass designer Babak Parviz is moving to Amazon.

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