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Graphics processors power everything from games to physics, and are found in devices from smartphones to supercomputers. At Tom's Hardware, get the latest benchmarks to make your games super smooth, find the best graphics for your money, or keep current on the latest trends in GPUs.


August gives you price reductions across the Radeon and GeForce line-ups. We also take a close look at AMD's Mantle graphics API, test PowerColor's new dual Radeon R9 290X and AMD's FirePro W8100, and talk...

news - AUGUST 14 17

Nvidia is offering Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for free if you purchase a specific GeForce card.

GPUs on the Community

GPUs experts answer your questions

news - AUGUST 14 0

At SIGGRAPH 2014 in Vancouver today, Nvidia unveiled their next generation of Quadro cards.

Tutorial - AUGUST 26

I'm upgrading a lot of my PC along with my mobo and CPU so I'm going to have to re-install windows going from an AMD board to an Intel. ...

news - JULY 16 2

This GPU core is the smallest Android compatible solution.

news - JULY 15 22

Is AMD's HSA arriving with force in the upcoming Carrizo APUs?

news - JULY 14 22

If the rumor is correct, there might be a GTX Titan II on its way.

news - JUNE 3 21

Asus is showcasing a limited edition graphics card and a Nvidia G-SYNC monitor.

news - JUNE 3 5

Corsair is introducing a GPU bracket.

news - MAY 31 1

MSI has a number of cards it plans to showcase next week.

news - MAY 31 36

Nvidia talks about GameWorks and how it's not a threat.

news - MAY 20 33

Nvidia's CEO talks about Tegra 4i, a $3,000 graphics card, and more.

news - MAY 2 0

You can get the kit at Newegg and Microcenter.

news - MAY 2 23

The Mantle Graphics API is entering a new phase of its development cycle.

news - APRIL 30 0

Gamers can get a free copy of Watch Dogs by purchasing a qualified GPU card from Nvidia.

news - APRIL 26 2

Nvidia has launched a contest that provides 50 winners with a Jetson TK1 developer kit.

news - APRIL 22 11

AMD is now offering the Never Settle Forever bundle to a wider range of cards.

news - APRIL 19 10

Nvidia's KitKat update for Shield allows you to run GameStream from far, far away.

news - APRIL 10 7

Sapphire is taking packaging to the next level for AMD's dual Hawaii card.

news - APRIL 4 6

Here are four new GeForce GTX 800M-based laptops.

news - APRIL 1 6

At GTC 2014, drummer Mickey showed us his brain.

news - MARCH 27 18

Nvidia introduced a new appliance for rendering.