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Graphics Cards - Page 50


Avoid gaming bottlenecks and keep your system balanced with the latest information about Graphics Cards. From reviews of today’s hottest GPUs to do-it-yourself guides on overclocking, we have everything you need to know.

news - SEPTEMBER 3 18

Playing Crysis on your netbook through OnLive? Dare to dream.

news - SEPTEMBER 2 17

Asus joins the Ionic party.

news - AUGUST 26 101

GPU performance will increase up to 570x in the next six years.

reviews - AUGUST 25 117

In our AGP Radeon HD 4650 review, the old Athlon X2 3800+ system couldn't hack today's games due to a CPU bottleneck. This time, we up the ante with a cheap replacement CPU and overclock to see if we can...

reviews - AUGUST 24 54

Welcome to the August 2009 issue of Best Graphics Cards for the Money. This month we have a look at the new integrated Radeon HD 4200, part of AMD's 785G chipset, and keep an eye on falling prices across the...

news - AUGUST 22 35

the PCI SIG has decided to push back the release date of the PCIe 3.0 specs.

news - AUGUST 22 58

id Software's John Carmack spoke out against hardware-based physics at QuakeCon 2009, and it wasn't pretty.

news - AUGUST 20 30

It's smaller than ever!

reviews - AUGUST 20 115

Gigabyte's new Radeon HD 4650-based R465D2-1GI arrives on the scene, hopefully bringing playable frame rates to old AGP rigs long-forgotten by their gaming owners. We pair the card up to an Athlon X2 3800+ to...

news - AUGUST 18 40

Crytek provided a forecast of what's to come in regards to CPUs, GPUs, and consoles.

news - AUGUST 17 63

Could the ATI DirectX 11 card be launching on September 10? Could be!

news - AUGUST 17 29

Nvidia makes it extra official today, plus 50 more Tegra projects in the works.

news - AUGUST 14 34

Epic Games' Tim Sweeney says it costs too much to develop on GPGPU.

news - AUGUST 12 31

It's about time.

news - AUGUST 11 25

Ready to rock the games.

reviews - AUGUST 10 74

Great graphics cards don’t always have to cost big bucks. Even for prices around $100, you can get enough performance for playable frame rates at resolutions as high as 1920x1200. We round up a load of these...

news - AUGUST 8 34

Faulty GPUs take a bite out of Nvidia.

news - AUGUST 5 29

PCI-SIG has delayed the release PCIe 3.0 protocol to 2010.

news - AUGUST 5 28

Liquid cooling for your video card ready from the factory.

reviews - AUGUST 5 70

Today’s most powerful graphics processor, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 285, still struggles with some games at the highest resolution and quality settings. Gigabyte answers the question: "Will more RAM help?" with...

news - AUGUST 4 16

AMD to Support OpenGL 3.1 and 3.2.

news - AUGUST 4 9

Workstation graphics on the go.

news - JULY 30 16

Intel says that the next-generation Atom is still on track.

reviews - JULY 29 32

Our graphics card charts now cover 24 more new cards. Today's update adds mainstream cards tested at more realistic settings for value-oriented gamers in the same benchmark suite you've seen us apply to the...

news - JULY 28 26

It's for professionals.

news - JULY 27 39

Capcom released the minimum and recommended system requirements for the upcoming PC version of Resident Evil 5