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In recent years, bargain hunting has become a challenge for users. There are many deals out there, but there are just as many pitfalls to avoid. Tom's Hardware keeps you informed about the most interesting deals of the moment and those that must be avoided at all costs. You'll also find the best applications for getting best deal at any time.

news - NOVEMBER 19 0

We all know that not all the "Deals! Deals! Deals!" we hear about for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are deals at all. The Tom's Hardware Community wants your help finding the best ones.

news - NOVEMBER 13 0

We take a look at some of the best deals available on Newegg and Amazon.

Hot Deals on the Community

Hot Deals experts answer your questions

news - NOVEMBER 4 2

We take a look at some of the best deals available on Newegg.

news - JULY 15 13

Today, Amazon kicked off its 20th anniversary celebration, with an event it is calling "Prime Day." As part of the festivities, Amazon has hundreds of special deals available. We looked over the tech deals and...

news - DECEMBER 1 0

Black Friday has given way to Cyber Monday. Here are some hot deals to grab.

news - NOVEMBER 27 0

Black Friday has descended upon us like a thick, dark curtain of commerce. But if you're going to try and save a buck, check out the deals we've pulled together for you.

news - NOVEMBER 21 26

Care for more Black Friday deals before Black Friday comes around? We sure do!

news - NOVEMBER 14 3

Amazon has a month-long Black Friday sale going on. Here's another batch of early deals.

news - DECEMBER 6 0

Get your December tech deals here!

news - DECEMBER 5 5

Get your deals here!

news - DECEMBER 4 1

Get your tech deals of the day here!

news - DECEMBER 3 0

Still deals to be had!

news - DECEMBER 2 10

Check out the Cyber Monday deals!

news - NOVEMBER 29 12

Visit LogicBuy to find the latest and greatest Black Friday & Cyber Monday offers.

news - NOVEMBER 27 9

Get your pre-Thanksgiving sale deals here!

news - NOVEMBER 26 0

It's spending time!

news - NOVEMBER 25 0

Check out today's hot deals!

news - NOVEMBER 22 3

It's the week before Black Friday!

news - NOVEMBER 21 2

Get a new laptop on sale!

news - NOVEMBER 20 3

Get your tech deals.

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