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This month we introduce new benchmarks based on Futuremark's PCMark 8 storage suite. Most illuminating, perhaps, is that the data we generate shows that there's probably little reason to upgrade if you already...


In this month's update, we discuss one processor introduction, plus notable price changes to 12 existing products. We also cover some of the news from Intel regarding its Haswell refresh and Z97 chipset,...

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reviews - APRIL 7 22

Hyundai is updating its luxury sedan with a new platform and design for 2015. We flew out to Arizona for a first drive of the 2015 Genesis.

Tutorial - FEBRUARY 19

So your going to upgrade to a new graphics card! Congratulations! You may think it's pretty easy,...

news - MARCH 21 9

Intel gets serious with mobile gaming and embraces OpenGL ES 3.1 support -- and more -- on Bay Trail.

news - MARCH 20 13

Intel's prototype for a portable all-in-one will be carried around like a briefcase.

news - MARCH 20 50

Intel announces a 2014 Haswell refresh that will usher in a plethora of new enthusiast-class CPU models to be released before 2015’s Broadwell.

news - MARCH 20 12

Intel wants your PC to consume less power than most of your appliances.

news - MARCH 20 20

Mini and tiny PCs are taking over the enterprise space. Will they find a place in your home?

news - MARCH 20 3

Software for giant touch screen computers is growing in popularity.

news - MARCH 4 11

Prices have shown up for Intel's upcoming Haswell refresh of processors.

news - FEBRUARY 28 19

Meet the new Intel SSD 730 Series.

reviews - FEBRUARY 27 16

Once up on a time, Intel's 10-channel controller drove the SSD market forward. When it was replaced by a 6Gb/s processor in 2012, that technology was enterprise-only. Finally, Intel is giving enthusiasts a...

news - FEBRUARY 27 14

Select Pentium and Celeron CPUs are getting Quick Sync Video. UPDATED.

news - FEBRUARY 24 1

Last year’s XMM 7160 was Intel’s first LTE 4G CAT 4 modem, with 15 bands it covers most of Europe and North America at 150 Mb/s. This year, Intel introduces the XMM 7260 CAT 6 LTE-Advanced modem, supporting...

news - JANUARY 30 13

Intel is shutting down its app store.

news - JANUARY 30 7

2014 looks to be an important year for Intel's smartphone plans.

news - JANUARY 24 7

It's a hand-sized HTPC with "Bay Trail-M."

news - JANUARY 22 6

Intel unveils newest generation of educational devices.

news - JANUARY 22 20

It may have been a long weekend but somebody over at Intel was in the office. Intel on Sunday quietly slipped a total of nine new Haswell processors and one new Celeron into its price list without any fanfare....

news - JANUARY 21 4

Intel has thrown in the streaming TV towel.

news - JANUARY 16 18

Computex is less than six months away.