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You wanted a comparison of Intel's Pentium G3258 using low-cost platform components. Can an entry-level motherboard and bundled heat sink still deliver a satisfying overclocking experience, or does going cheap...


We've seen what Intel's new $75 multiplier-unlocked Pentium G3258 can do, and you shouldn't be surprised that it affects our recommendations. In addition, we talk about AMD's upcoming water-cooled CPU and...

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news - JULY 25 26

Here comes the wave of value-priced Windows 8.1 laptops.

Tutorial - JUNE 6

THW is always in need of bottleneck explanation, so here is my take on the subject matter. Your "bottleneck" will be dependent on the...

news - JULY 24 15

Here's a budget-friendly Windows 8.1 laptop.

news - JULY 21 15

Eight new Intel processors have surfaced.

news - JULY 15 16

We're getting a pretty good picture of what the next generation of Intel hardware will look like.

news - JULY 14 1

Intel has sent out the termination notice for 7-Series chipsets and mobile processors.

news - JUNE 25 23

It looks like we'll be seeing the new Haswell-E CPUs arrive in September. Ahh, finally.

news - JUNE 20 32

SSD makers may be fighting for your hard earned dollar soon.

news - JUNE 19 1

This instant messenger uses 3D avatars.

news - JUNE 18 13

Soon you'll be able to overclock your unlocked Intel Haswell or Haswell refresh CPU on a non Z-series motherboard.

news - JUNE 11 13

Wireless charging could be available for laptops and tablets soon.

reviews - JUNE 10 118

Despite a clear performance advantage, Intel just doesn't seem like an enthusiast-friendly company. Certain elements in the organization want to change that perception, though. Devil's Canyon is meant to allay...

reviews - JUNE 5 20

Z97 ushers in new and exciting ways to attach and use storage devices. With support for M.2 PCIe and SATA Express, two sides of the same SSD coin, Z97 improves on Z87. But not everywhere. AsRock add to Z97 with...

news - JUNE 4 29

A new partnership between Intel and Samsung is planning to shake that up at half the price of high-end monitors very soon.

news - JUNE 3 16

Take a trip into Devil's Canyon with Intel's latest CPUs.

news - JUNE 3 25

Soon we'll be seeing a new unlocked Pentium processor from Intel.

news - JUNE 2 3

Here's an Android tablet running on an Intel Atom chip.

news - MAY 22 41

It looks like we'll be seeing the smaller Broadwell CPUs from Intel before you need to put a new calendar on your wall.

news - MAY 16 0

Here's another PC maker offering Intel's new tech.

news - MAY 16 1

These AIOs have Haswell processors and Nvidia graphics.