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Now available in different sizes, equipped with high-powered processors and armed with countless applications, Apple's tablet keeps getting better everyday. Tom's Hardware provides you with all the news, reviews, and must-have apps for this iconic tablet.

news - JUNE 20 6

Adobe's got a couple of new accessories for iOS users.

news - MARCH 18 7

What's the difference between the iPad 2 and the iPad with Retina Display?

iPad on the Community

iPad experts answer your questions

news - MARCH 11 14

Apple has introduced some pretty nifty features with iOS 7.1.

Tutorial - NOVEMBER 21

iPad is one of the best entertaining devices that is available in the market today. If you are using iPad for watching movies or videos, you have...

news - MARCH 8 34

Everything we've heard about the iPad Pro.

news - JANUARY 27 4

A prompt release and a lower price? That's what we like to hear.

news - DECEMBER 2 10

The iPad Air might be 'magical,' but the Kindle Fire is lighter, features a sharper display, and costs less money.

news - NOVEMBER 29 16

One of Apple's suppliers is working on the 12.9-inch screen.

news - NOVEMBER 20 12

COBURNS will ship less than a week after its campaign closes.

news - NOVEMBER 14 3

What's going on inside Apple's newest tablet?

news - NOVEMBER 12 16

Apple's newly announced iPad Mini 2 is now on sale.

news - NOVEMBER 7 12

Yet more rumors of a larger form factor iPad have emerged.

news - NOVEMBER 2 11

The iFixit team takes a look at what's powering the newest edition of the iPad.

news - NOVEMBER 1 13

Apple's iPad Air is in stores, and some places will even give you $20 off your new device.

news - OCTOBER 29 5

Amid rumors of Apple developing their own keyboard cover a la Microsoft Surface and Belkin releasing its own iPad Air keyboards, peripheral king Logitech has entered the fray with four premium keyboard covers.

news - OCTOBER 26 15

Walmart is undercutting Apple's pricing on the iPad Air before the tablet has even launched.

news - OCTOBER 23 5

T-Mobile is offering 200 MB of free data for those who buy the new iPad Mini or iPad Air.

news - OCTOBER 22 35

Apple's next generation of iPad is the iPad Air.

news - OCTOBER 22 9

A former Apple employee has mentioned that the company is looking into making a keyboard cover for the iPad.

news - OCTOBER 15 6

New iPads in time for the holiday shopping season?

news - OCTOBER 15 5

Six weeks after the U.S. launch, Apple's trade-in program arrives in the United Kingdom.

news - OCTOBER 15 16

Does Apple have a few tricks up its sleeve for 2014?

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