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iPad - Page 7


Now available in different sizes, equipped with high-powered processors and armed with countless applications, Apple's tablet keeps getting better everyday. Tom's Hardware provides you with all the news, reviews, and must-have apps for this iconic tablet.

news - MAY 6 74

The other day, comedienne Ellen DeGeneres poked fun at the iPhone with her own spoof commercial for the 3GS. Unfortunately, Apple didn't exactly take it well.

news - APRIL 27 8

It's a me, Mario!

news - APRIL 21 88

How Google’s Tablet Can Challenge The iPad.

news - APRIL 20 65

It is either a marketing coup scored by Apple’s marketing staff to get obscene media coverage for a product that won’t launch for another two months or an Apple employee may not be an Apple employee anymore...

news - APRIL 18 153

Apple proclaims that the iPad is magical. Steve Jobs himself said that it would be one of the most important works of his life. But is there a story to the iPad that the public doesn't know? We take you 38...

news - APRIL 4 71

iPad gets benchmarked.

news - APRIL 3 53

Today is iPad day and while many people are at home unwrapping their new toy and revelling in that fresh-out-of-the-box gadget smell, the folks at Rapid Repair are tearing their own iPad limb from limb.

news - MARCH 25 60

We haven't done a Steve Ballmer caption contest yet, but it was his birthday yesterday so we figure it's high time we show the CEO of Microsoft a little love.

news - MARCH 18 61

They used to be friends; what happened?

news - FEBRUARY 11 49

Bill Gates gently shrugs off the iPad.

news - JANUARY 27 36

Oh Apple, what have you done? Where did you get the iPad moniker from!?

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