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iPhone 5s


The iPhone 5s, the 7th incarnation of Apple's venerable line of smartphones, becomes available September 20th. So be sure and stay tuned to this landing page all week long for anything and everything related to the iPhone 5s.

news - NOVEMBER 23 11

But they're GSM, so you can't use them on any network you want.

news - NOVEMBER 8 9

Apple Store locations could soon have facilities to repair iPhone 5S and 5C units.

iPhone 5s on the Community

iPhone 5s experts answer your questions

news - OCTOBER 30 17

iPhone 5S users experiencing shortened battery life should be hearing from Apple.

news - OCTOBER 21 30

Apple slices orders for its kaleidoscopic iPhone, but it's not all bad news.

news - OCTOBER 13 68

The dreaded BSOD on iPhone.

news - OCTOBER 9 18

iPhone fans, look away.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 20

Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C face the teardown treatment for a second time.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 20

That's a lot of iPhones.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 22

According to the Chaos Computer Club's Gerd Eist, the hardest part about defeating Apple's new TouchID reader was getting an iPhone 5S.

news - SEPTEMBER 21 10

Apple's iPhone 5C follows the iPhone 5S into the iFixit lab.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 21 106

While most of the tech press seems to have been awed by Apple’s colorful "new" iPhone 5c, I’m not biting. It's definitely not cheap, it's made of plastic, and it's hardly new. But of course, this was all...

news - SEPTEMBER 20 34

Here's what's inside the iPhone 5S.

news - SEPTEMBER 20 1

Excited customers will be disappointed.

news - SEPTEMBER 19 59

Tim Cook says that buying an outdated Android phone is like running iOS 3.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 60

A better plastic than all the other plastics?

news - SEPTEMBER 12 8

iPhone 5S and 5C pricing for the UK is out!

news - SEPTEMBER 11 9

New iPhones will hit 10 countries on launch day.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 38

It's been a long time coming but Apple finally unveiled its next generation of iPhone today at an event in Cupertino. The company was rumoured to be launching not one but two iPhones, and it didn't disappoint.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 48

Apple ups processing power in the iPhone 5S in a big way.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 19

Prices start at just $99.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 8

iOS 7 finally has a release date.