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news - APRIL 9 2

Lenovo is launching three new Android tablets next month.

news - MARCH 28 11

Lenovo forced to recall thousands of batteries due to overheating.

Lenovo on the Community

Lenovo experts answer your questions

news - MARCH 3 24

TV star to have input on what could be your next phone. UPDATED.

Tutorial - APRIL 16

There are many reasons to clean install windows especially for Lenovo y510p users. Straight to the topic, to perform a clean install you need a...

news - FEBRUARY 28 5

The modular phone is real, and will be the center of attention at a special developer conference in April.

news - FEBRUARY 24 2

A new Yoga for a new year.

news - FEBRUARY 24 5

Lenovo's new phone has a battery that rivals Huawei's phone-charging phone from CES.

news - FEBRUARY 24 4

Pink is the new black?

news - FEBRUARY 24 6

Lenovo's 'high performance all-rounder' breaks cover in Barcelona.

news - FEBRUARY 23 10

Lenovo is growing its Yoga brand with a new tablet.

news - JANUARY 30 11

Looks like Lenovo is having a few issues getting the pricing settled.

news - JANUARY 30 6

Lenovo has four new laptops that will be great for adolescents and teens.

news - JANUARY 29 24

Lenovo looks to go up against Samsung for the lion's share of the Android smartphone market.

news - JANUARY 29 5

Lenovo has yet to comment on the gap in pricing that materialized between the product's announcement and its launch three weeks later.

news - JANUARY 21 26

PC shipments took a 5.6 percent dive in the fourth quarter of 2013.

news - JANUARY 13 41

Nvidia is claiming the new mobile performance king at CES this year with its new Tegra K1 SoC. Luckily, Lenovo had a working K1-based product on the showroom floor, and we managed to run a few benchmarks. So,...

news - JANUARY 10 3

Sorting Out Lenovo's CES Launch

news - JANUARY 8 0

We went hands on with Lenovo's A859!

news - JANUARY 7 0

A phone worthy of flagship status.

news - JANUARY 6 12

Check out Lenovo's huge S930!

news - JANUARY 6 0

We check out Lenovo's newest mid-range smartphone.

news - JANUARY 6 16

Lenovo's smart monitor is more than just a 4K display.