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Memory - Page 5


Memory is the high-speed storage between your CPU and hard drive. Naturally, you want it to be both fast and plentiful. Our editorial team can help walk you through picking the right RAM kit for your motherboard, optimizing its performance, and keeping it running stably.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 28

Electronic design automation company Cadence said that it has qualified its DDR4 SDRAM physical layer (PHY) and memory controller design IP in TSMC's 28-nm production process.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 21

IBM has been granted a patent for an exotic phase change memory (PCM) cell structure the allows the technology to retain its data retention characteristics at temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius (300 degrees...

news - SEPTEMBER 9 58

A survey by Crucial revealed that most of us are unhappy with our computers, and consider them as source of stress.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 61

It's hard to believe it is just about pricing.

news - AUGUST 31 20

Kingston decided to turn its HyperX red memory devices from a temporary into a permanent member of its product line.

news - AUGUST 31 16

What if you could keep Windows stored entirely in RAM?

news - AUGUST 30 4

Mobile DRAM is developing into an increasingly bright spot in the troubled memory industry.

news - AUGUST 28 13

Reports coming out of Taiwan suggest that DRAM memory will lose 8 percent of their contract price in August alone.

news - AUGUST 21 8

Flash memory is reportedly celebrating its 25th birthday.

news - AUGUST 20 14

Kingston is expanding its high-performance memory line with the new HyperX Predator, featuring a new design and extreme frequencies.

news - AUGUST 18 26

For the second time, the Enough Project has listed technology companies for their effort to avoid conflict minerals in their products.

news - AUGUST 3 26

The Bankruptcy of Elpida still carries the hope that balance in supply and demand will return in the DRAM industry.

news - JULY 27 16

Toshiba has just announced a drastic production cut for flash memory devices.

news - JULY 26 13

Super Talent has begun offering reduced voltage DDR3 memory modules for iMac and Macbook Pro systems.

news - JULY 25 19

Researchers have found a way to enable the creation of circuitry with self-assembling rectangles.

news - JULY 25 116

Fusion-io and Princeton University recently announced a partnership in which the company would enable customers to use Flash memory as an extension of DRAM.

news - JULY 23 9

ADATA adds DDR3 2400G 8 GB dual-channel memory kit to its XPG Gaming v2.0 Series.

news - JULY 23 10

Micron said it is the first memory maker to have started volume production of phase change memory (PCM).

news - JULY 21 1

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news - JULY 20 10

Growing demand for communications semiconductors is bailing out the chip industry from a potentially catastrophic 2012. IDC said that it expects global chip sales to climb by 4.6 percent to $315 million.

news - JULY 19 1

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news - JULY 19 35

The chronic shortage of RAM in smartphones due to space and power constraints could be solved by replacing silicon transistors with carbon transistors.

news - JULY 18 9

Elpida may be disappearing soon, but it appears that the bad news is being replaced with an overall positive outlook for the DRAM industry.

news - JULY 18 18

Patent troll targeting top tech companies in lawsuit.

news - JULY 13 14

Patriot Memory has introduced a limited edition line of DDR3 modules that are the official memory sticks of the Intel Extreme Masters tournaments.

news - JULY 12 10

Fusion-io has developed a subsystem technology called Extended memory, which enables developers to take advantage of NAND Flash memory as an extension of DRAM.