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Monitors - Page 3


Monitors are the part of your computer you interact with the most. Tom's Hardware provides the benchmarks and information you need to de-mystify the specifications and technologies of current monitors, allowing you to find the perfect monitor for your application.

news - APRIL 11 25

Rumor has it that VESA has accepted AMD's proposal to implement FreeSync.

news - APRIL 9 12

These monitors promise enhanced visual comfort.

news - APRIL 8 11

HP launched two new DreamColor displays, one of which is quite affordable.

news - APRIL 4 15

This monitor has a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

reviews - APRIL 3 34

With Ultra HD monitors becoming more prolific, we thought it was time to check out a 4K HDTV. Toshiba sent us its 65-inch L9300U LED panel. This TV offers 3D and cloud features in addition to a high pixel...

reviews - MARCH 19 37

A while back, we introduced you to display calibration with Datacolor's Sypder4Elite. Today we look at CalMAN RGB, which is the other major calibration solution. With extensive meter and pattern source support,...

reviews - MARCH 7 42

When it comes to monitor technology, 3840x2160 is the most bleeding-edge resolution. We recently reviewed Asus' PQ321Q and found it to be a solid performer. Today we test an alternative from Dell, the UP3214Q....

news - MARCH 4 5

Eizo's new 27" monitors come with a very impressive spec sheet!

news - FEBRUARY 28 9

Here's a new monitor with two HDMI ports for multitasking.

reviews - FEBRUARY 19 21

Samsung's S27B971D is a refreshed flagship 27-inch QHD monitor selling for $200 less than last-gen's model. It certainly looks impressive on paper, with its factory calibration and internal look-up table...

news - FEBRUARY 14 5

ViewSonic has a new touch panel with an interesting stand.

reviews - FEBRUARY 5 22

You've seen us dramatically increase our display coverage over the last year, and now we're reviewing HDTVs too. Our first screen is Toshiba’s 50-inch L7300U Cloud TV with Wi-Fi. We run it through our lab and...

reviews - JANUARY 23 49

We recently got our hands on Asus’ highest-end Ultra HD-capable screen. The PQ321Q offers a native resolution of 3840x2160; and those 8.3 million pixels don’t come cheap. Our real-world and lab testing will...

news - JANUARY 17 71

Ready for some DIY?

news - JANUARY 15 9

We went inside Asus' CES suite to check out the newest ROG monitor.

news - JANUARY 14 31

A great value for all the pixels you're getting. But there's a catch.

news - JANUARY 13 16

Here's another monitor for pro gamers.

news - JANUARY 13 41

Nvidia is claiming the new mobile performance king at CES this year with its new Tegra K1 SoC. Luckily, Lenovo had a working K1-based product on the showroom floor, and we managed to run a few benchmarks. So,...

picture story - JANUARY 11 20

Tom's Hardware's editorial team combed through CES 2014 in Las Vegas and came up with 12 different products that caught our eyes in different ways. Read on for more depth on why we assembled the following list...

news - JANUARY 8 57

AMD counters Nvidia's G-Sync with its own free FreeSync technology at CES 2014.

reviews - JANUARY 8 24

If you're looking for the tablet-like experience on your desktop PC, Dell's P2714T could be the answer. This 27-inch multi-touch screen offers FHD resolution and sleek design at a high price point. But does its...

news - JANUARY 6 35

Asus brought the newest addition to its ROG portfolio to CES.

news - JANUARY 6 16

Lenovo's smart monitor is more than just a 4K display.

news - JANUARY 6 16

Alongside a handful of tablets, laptops and convertibles, Lenovo today kicked off CES with the introduction of the ThinkVision Pro2840m.

reviews - JANUARY 2 17

AOC and GeChic recently introduced a pair of portable, USB-powered displays. GeChic’s On-Lap 1502I boasts a 1920x1080 resolution and 10-point multi-touch. AOC’s E1659FWU delivers simplicity and a low price....

news - DECEMBER 30 13

EVGA has released its DisplayPort hub for driving three monitors off a single DisplayPort plug on your desktop or laptop.