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Supporting Intel’s Haswell-E and new DDR4 memory, buyers of Intel’s X99 platform were probably prepared to pay a premium for mid-market boards. Are any of these $240 to $300 models worthy of Intel’s...


Today we put a Pentium G3258 in a cheap H97 motherboard, overclocked it to 4.4 GHz, added a GTX 750 Ti, then tossed in tons of new Deepcool gear.

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Tutorial - AUGUST 4

Hi guys, So the R9 290 runs hot, that's for sure, I have the msi twin frozr 290 and temps to be fair are pretty good, maxing out at about...

news - SEPTEMBER 11 26

MSI is teasing its new GTX 970 graphics card.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 29

MSI is launching a new super-thin gaming laptop and a GameDock for adding discrete graphics.

news - AUGUST 29 3

MSI has five X99 motherboads: two overclocking boards at two price points, two gaming boards at two price points, and a single standard-fare board.

news - AUGUST 18 11

MSI reveals a few details that we've been looking for.

news - AUGUST 14 14

These two laptops have a golden chassis.

news - AUGUST 14 5

MSI's new motherboard is perfect for black and white themed builds.

reviews - AUGUST 14 32

Intel’s “mainstream” socket continues to spawn enthusiast parts with the company’s fastest-ever gaming-oriented CPU. You’ll probably want a feature-packed motherboard for that, and five companies...

news - AUGUST 12 15

Nvidia's new GT 720 is an entry-level card with an entry-level price tag.

news - AUGUST 11 8

MSI also teases its upcoming X99S XPower AC motherboard on social media.

news - AUGUST 8 8

There's a new Windows 8.1 3-in-1 hybrid coming to town.

news - AUGUST 7 20

MSI teases its upcoming X99 motherboard on Facebook.

news - JULY 18 17

Here's a new gaming laptop from MSI.

news - JULY 15 3

MSI's second-ever gaming mouse has arrived.

news - JULY 9 7

MSI's ECO motherboards have now been officially announced.

news - JULY 3 9

MSI is offering a new barebones setup based on the MSI Z97I Gaming motherboard.

reviews - JULY 2 49

Targeting power-misers, AMD’s low-energy Kabini-based APUs could easily find their way into entertainment PCs, office machines, and PoS terminals. Of course, you need a motherboard to make it a “platform”...

news - JUNE 24 3

You can configure select MSI notebooks via iBUYPOWER.

reviews - JUNE 18 35

MSI's new GT60 2PC Dominator outperforms the company's previous-gen GT60 2OC thanks to a new CPU, new GPU, and triple-monitor Surround technology. We compare both configurations, add up the differences, and...

news - JUNE 11 7

MSI showed off three very low-power motherboards at Computex 2014.

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