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Nexus - Page 3


The Nexus is Google's premier mobile device, designed to show off the latest features of each iteration of its Android operating system. Learn how to get the most out of your current Nexus device, or learn about the direction the next generation Nexus devices are heading, here at Tom's Hardware.

news - DECEMBER 7 5

Manufacturer says it went by retailer and operator demand when it came to supply.

news - DECEMBER 7 14

We take LG's current big hitter, the Optimus G, for a spin to see if it can fill the hole left by the Nexus 4's availability issues.

news - DECEMBER 4 7

Back in stock, but for how long?

news - DECEMBER 1 15

Comes with 1GB of RAM and a microSD card.

news - NOVEMBER 29 11

Price point rumored to be $226.

news - NOVEMBER 27 17

Trigger fingers at the ready, folks.

news - NOVEMBER 20 22

Teardown reveals previously unknown feature.

news - NOVEMBER 16 33

Google's operating system continues to dominate market with 72.4 percent share.

news - NOVEMBER 14 24

Android tablets expected to overtake iPad's market share by mid-2013.

news - NOVEMBER 14 29

Both 8GB and 16GB variants of smartphone sold out.

news - NOVEMBER 8 28

Unlike a teardown, these devices can't be put back together.

news - NOVEMBER 6 20

The Nexus 4 is looking pretty pricey in Europe.

news - NOVEMBER 2 16

Apple's App Store features over quarter of a million apps designed specifically for the iPad.

news - NOVEMBER 2 123

Firm wants to avoid "techy nonsense left over from the paleolithic era of computing".

news - NOVEMBER 2 11

Device set to run on Ice Cream Sandwich version and feature Wi-Fi support.

news - NOVEMBER 1 12

The Nexus 7 is selling like hot cakes.

news - OCTOBER 31 20

Google providing stiff competition to Apple's iPad.

news - OCTOBER 31 8

Nexus Q, we hardly knew ye.

news - OCTOBER 31 27

Google and LG's smartphone releasing in two weeks.

news - OCTOBER 31 8

Nexus 4 was announced just recently.

news - OCTOBER 30 42

Current LTE networks utilize last generation's technology.

news - OCTOBER 30 17

"All this has happened before..."

news - OCTOBER 29 28

Google has finally made the newest Nexus phone official.

news - OCTOBER 29 45

Google's Nexus 10 and new Nexus 7 are official and launching in a couple of weeks' time.

news - OCTOBER 29 7

Price drop applied to 16GB model of Google's tablet.

news - OCTOBER 26 6

Unfortunately they're not pictures of the device, rather pictures taken using the device's camera.