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Notebooks remain essential to gamers and professionals on the go. Although they’ve been around forever, the technology you find inside changes on an almost daily basis. Learn about the latest in mobile computing from a trusted source.


We already have a really good idea how desktop-bound graphics cards perform. But what about the mobile hardware typically derived from those same GPUs? We test four identically-configured notebooks and show how...


There's a good chance that Eurocom's Panther 5D notebook is faster than your desktop. The sample we're reviewing sports a six-core Core i7-3970X, two GeForce GTX 680M modules in SLI, 32 GB of DDR3-1600, and...

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Notebooks experts answer your questions

news - APRIL 18 11

This notebook has Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M graphics by default.

Tutorial - MARCH 28

So for me I really never have been to much of a fan of laptops, I really don't like how they are really limited to what you are able to put...

news - APRIL 18 0

Toshiba has refreshed four laptops.

news - APRIL 16 3

Lenovo is introducing a new AIO desktop, and several laptops.

news - APRIL 12 1

The last Vaio laptop produced by Sony is having a battery issue.

news - APRIL 4 7

Here's a laptop that would be ideal for mountain climbing, on the battlefield.

news - APRIL 4 6

Here are four new GeForce GTX 800M-based laptops.

news - MARCH 28 11

Lenovo forced to recall thousands of batteries due to overheating.

news - MARCH 20 32

A comparison of all gaming notebooks running an Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M.

news - MARCH 14 29

The dual-boot machine that almost was.

news - MARCH 13 4

All three sport Nvidia's new GPU GeForce GTX 800M series.

news - MARCH 12 16

These notebooks have Nvidia GeForce 800M series graphics.

news - MARCH 12 6

The Razer Blade Pro has a new GPU and Switchblade apps.

news - MARCH 12 20

The Razer Blade laptop received an upgrade in the screen and GPU department.

news - MARCH 7 5

Dell has a new laptop for students.

news - MARCH 6 26

This gaming laptop is now available in North America.

news - MARCH 5 0

Upcoming MSI gaming notebooks will have the SteelSeries Engine and XSplit Gamecaster.

news - FEBRUARY 26 7

These custom Razer Blade laptops will not be sold.

news - FEBRUARY 6 1

This Chromebook has the biggest screen to date.

news - FEBRUARY 6 18

MSI's GX Destroyer Series is now packed full of AMD goodness.

news - FEBRUARY 5 5

Fujitsu's Lifebook TH90/P will have four modes.