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Notebooks - Page 16


Notebooks remain essential to gamers and professionals on the go. Although they’ve been around forever, the technology you find inside changes on an almost daily basis. Learn about the latest in mobile computing from a trusted source.

news - MAY 29 8

Two new mobile Ivy Bridge CPUs have surfaced in charts.

news - MAY 27 26

Toshiba no longer plans to offer netbooks in North America.

news - MAY 24 13

HP today announced that it would lay off thousands of workers. The company today confirmed last week's rumors that it planned to cut between 8 and 10 percent of its workforce as part of a massive restructuring...

news - MAY 23 27

Batteries apparently have become the focus in an effort to reduce the system cost of Ultrabooks.

picture story - MAY 17 76

We wanted to know if our AMD C-50 equipped netbook can be more than a word processor and movie player. So, we tried a bunch of games we thought might run smoothly at 720p. The resulting list is also a worthy...

news - MAY 15 20

The i7-3820QM shows its muscles in two unreleased Apples, a MacBook Pro and iMac.

reviews - MAY 15 165

AMD steps up to the plate with an all-new processor. Armed with the updated Piledriver CPU core and VLIW4 graphics architecture, the Trinity APU represents an impressive improvement over the Llano generation....

news - MAY 15 26

Just in time for the holidays.

news - MAY 14 36

New display said to be 'jaw-dropping.'

news - MAY 12 37

Asus has unveiled an ultrabook with a launch price that targets the upper end of the mainstream market.

news - MAY 11 50

If you're planning to send electronics overseas, you'll have to pony up for FedEx, UPS or DHL because USPS won't do it anymore.

news - MAY 10 23

The fact that hotel Internet connections are now being used as a malware gateway may not be as surprising as the fact that it took so long until this loophole was actively exploited.

news - MAY 9 21

An entry-level Spectre and a handful of new ultrabooks. Oh, and 'sleekbook' is a thing now.

news - MAY 8 15

A laptop for Linux lovers.

news - MAY 8 33

Is Apple prepared to lower the price of its entry-level MacBook Air in order to get a larger chunk of the ultrabook pie?

news - MAY 4 13

Side-channel attacks are considered by many computer security experts as one of the greatest security risks in cloud computing.

news - MAY 4 44

Intel Taiwan’s country manager Jason Chen said Ultrabooks will dip down to $599 USD later this year by sporting a plastic-aluminum chassis rather than the typical metal frame.

news - MAY 3 16

The slim T13 weighs in at 1.6kg.

news - MAY 3 60

Canalys has been the only major market research firm that includes tablet shipments in overall PC shipments, which resulted in Apple gaining the top spot in the fourth quarter of last year. But iPad sales in Q1...

news - MAY 2 19

Samsung is getting serious about attracting PC gamers to its brand of computers.

news - MAY 1 21

Dell is having trouble metting the high demand of its XPS 13 Ultrabook.

news - APRIL 30 105

Manufacturing Windows 8 PCs for reasonable prices will not be a walk in the park.

news - APRIL 26 12

Starting April, Think and Idea-branded PCs will feature Enhanced Experience 3, promising a 24-second boot up process.

news - APRIL 25 46

AMD has released slides to the Korean market detailing the graphics performance and specifications of its next generation ''Trinity'' APU.

news - APRIL 25 31

How do you define a "tech savvy" student today?

news - APRIL 25 23

Pixel Qi, a manufacturer of low-power displays for portable devices, said that it has a technology that would match the screen resolution of the latest iPad at a much lower power draw.