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Overclocking is running a chip at a greater speed than what it is rated for. With everything from reviews of the latest cooling solutions and motherboard overclocking options to do-it-yourself guides to overclocking, let Tom's Hardware help you get the most performance out of your hardware.


Intel’s “mainstream” socket continues to spawn enthusiast parts with the company’s fastest-ever gaming-oriented CPU. You’ll probably want a feature-packed motherboard for that, and five companies...


You wanted a comparison of Intel's Pentium G3258 using low-cost platform components. Can an entry-level motherboard and bundled heat sink still deliver a satisfying overclocking experience, or does going cheap...

Overclocking on the Community

Overclocking experts answer your questions

news - AUGUST 19 9

Chi-Kui Lam from Hong Kong has set a new overclocking world record.

Tutorial - JUNE 15

These CPUs put out major heat when clocked and loaded. Here is the list of coolers that can keep it under control. Pretty much these are all HUGE...

news - AUGUST 7 22

This is Adata's new DDR4 overclocking memory.

news - JULY 8 16

A new GPU overclocking record has been set.

news - JULY 3 18

Gigabyte's overclocking team has managed to attain a new memory overclocking record, bringing a set of DDR3 memory up to a frequency of a staggering 4.56 GHz.

reviews - JUNE 26 62

Competition tightens (along with pricing) as we respond to frequently-requested budget updates for $500, $1000, and $1500 machines. In response to other requests, we add an operating system to each machine. Can...

reviews - JUNE 25 101

Faced with a more aggressive budget, we're dialing back our mainstream enthusiast PC's hardware, while trying to maintain aggressive performance in games, productivity, and content creation applications. This...

reviews - JUNE 24 77

This quarter's System Builder Marathon kicks off with some new rules inspired by feedback from you, our readers. Can Paul match the potency of last quarter's configuration at a lower price point, or does...

news - JUNE 18 13

Soon you'll be able to overclock your unlocked Intel Haswell or Haswell refresh CPU on a non Z-series motherboard.

news - JUNE 18 44

Nick Shih has set a new overclocking record using an ASRock motherboard and an Intel CPU.

reviews - JUNE 17 156

It's a momentous occasion. Intel now offers an affordable dual-core Pentium with an unlocked multiplier based on its Haswell architecture. How well does it overclock? Can it beat AMD's potent little Athlon X4...

reviews - JUNE 10 118

Despite a clear performance advantage, Intel just doesn't seem like an enthusiast-friendly company. Certain elements in the organization want to change that perception, though. Devil's Canyon is meant to allay...

news - JUNE 3 25

Soon we'll be seeing a new unlocked Pentium processor from Intel.

news - JUNE 3 3

ASRock reveals two budget Z97 motherboards to accompany the launch of the unlocked Pentium processor from Intel.

news - JUNE 3 7

New boards and overclocking madness revealed at Computex 2014

reviews - MAY 20 30

Eight gigabytes per DIMM has become de rigueur for high-end builds, even though you get the best data rates and latencies from lower-density modules. We test five 32 GB products to see if it's still possible to...

news - APRIL 25 20

Sapphire has slapped a very cute overclock onto its R9 295X2 graphics card.

reviews - MARCH 26 74

After building two successful gaming-oriented configurations under $1000, rising prices force Paul to switch up the composition of his $750 machine. But can a compromise in processor performance be made up for...

reviews - MARCH 25 43

I wanted to see how a GeForce GTX 780 Ti and Core i7-4770K compare to last quarter's GeForce GTX 770 cards in SLI and Core i5-4670K. In addition, we updated our price/performance evaluation. So, this System...

reviews - MARCH 24 37

I built a sweet system last quarter with Radeon R9 290s. But based on your feedback, the highest-priced build for Q1 2014 integrates several alternative components. Can this new system do more things right than...

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