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Overclocking is running a chip at a greater speed than what it is rated for. With everything from reviews of the latest cooling solutions and motherboard overclocking options to do-it-yourself guides to overclocking, let Tom's Hardware help you get the most performance out of your hardware.


After building two successful gaming-oriented configurations under $1000, rising prices force Paul to switch up the composition of his $750 machine. But can a compromise in processor performance be made up for...


I wanted to see how a GeForce GTX 780 Ti and Core i7-4770K compare to last quarter's GeForce GTX 770 cards in SLI and Core i5-4670K. In addition, we updated our price/performance evaluation. So, this System...

Overclocking on the Community

Overclocking experts answer your questions

reviews - MARCH 24 37

I built a sweet system last quarter with Radeon R9 290s. But based on your feedback, the highest-priced build for Q1 2014 integrates several alternative components. Can this new system do more things right than...

Tutorial - APRIL 12

Firstly, I wan't you to check if you have features in your BIOS that support overclocking, if no, I'll compose a different guide. If yes,...

reviews - MARCH 5 41

AMD’s Radeon R9 290X is an incredibly powerful gaming card. Unfortunately, the company's cheap cooling solution results in inconsistent performance and excessive noise. PowerColor’s liquid-cooled LCS AXR9...

news - FEBRUARY 26 3

A new SuperPi 1M Record has been set!

news - JANUARY 22 11

Gigabyte boasts of new records set using its motherboards

news - JANUARY 13 9

Big air and slim water support PowerColor's R9 overclocks.

picture story - JANUARY 10 26

Co-Sponsored by G.Skill, Enermax and Intel, Gigabyte’s CES 2014 O/C event pulled competitive overclockers away from the show, and hid some hardware surprises. What did you miss?

reviews - DECEMBER 31 31

This quarter's System Builder Marathon was downright chaotic. We reallocated our budgets to boost gaming performance, and watched as the prices on AMD's highest-end cards shot through the roof. When the dust...

reviews - DECEMBER 30 94

Thomas also suffers the impact of a run on AMD's graphics cards. His performance-oriented build purchased for $2400 now costs $2700 to replicate. Is it worth the extra cash, or are you better off stepping back...

reviews - DECEMBER 27 61

Don gets a slightly expanded budget and the command to target gaming performance. Based on his choices, he's the only one who doesn't get bit in the rear by AMD's pricing issues. Can he use this advantage to...

reviews - DECEMBER 26 59

This quarter, Paul Henningsen asks for (and gets) a higher budget for better gaming performance. What he didn't expect was that AMD's graphics cards would shoot up in price, shattering the upper limit of his...

news - DECEMBER 10 59

EVGA's GTX 780 Ti classified K|NGP|N edition has been overclocked to a whopping 1.9 GHz. LN2 was harmed in the process.

news - DECEMBER 10 17

Cool your Vengeance Pro memories with Corsair's new Vengeance Airflow memory coolers.

news - DECEMBER 2 5

EVGA's GTX 780 Ti Kingpin Edition is rumored to launch soon.

picture story - NOVEMBER 2 15

MSI held its Master Overclocking Arena Finals event in Taiwan, and the Tom's Hardware community was there to catch all the action. Follow along as we introduce some of the world's best overclockers and follow...

reviews - OCTOBER 25 57

Some of us love compact gaming builds, but the best of these have always been pre-configured into custom enclosures. Is ASRock’s M8 the perfect open-architecture alternative? We load this $550 barebones up...

news - OCTOBER 24 1

MSI has announced the winners of its 2013 MOA event, and on top of the list is Ukraine's T0lsty!

reviews - OCTOBER 11 136

If you find yourself fighting a stubbornly-low overclock, there's a chance that your thermal solution isn't working as effectively as it should. We're testing a number of thermal pastes that might help. But...

news - SEPTEMBER 27 0

Up for grabs in this year's MSI MOA Champion Prediction Contest are a MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX motherboard and a host of other prizes from Cooler Master, Corsair and Plextor.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 27 98

Last quarter's bonus build was a $400 mini-ITX-based gaming rig, designed to be about the same size as a new console. This time around, we're slashing the budget even more to see if we can build a viable...