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Peripherals are everything in your digital device except the processor, motherboard, and memory. Tom's Hardware has reviews and benchmarks for all manner of peripherals, from specialty gaming mice, to hard drives, to monitors and speakers.


Terms like “tenkeyless” and “80% form factor” mean simply, a keyboard without the number pad — and this format isn’t just popular with gamers.


Who wouldn’t like to sit on the couch comfortably playing a game with a keyboard and mouse? This is what ROCCAT asked, after which they set out to provide an all-in-one solution that didn’t result in any...

Peripherals on the Community

Peripherals experts answer your questions

news - SEPTEMBER 30 0

Belkin's latest dock sports Thunderbolt 2 technology.

Tutorial - JULY 4

As I surf along the web I noticed that a lot of people are having the same problem that I had. The issue is that Razer's USB headset the...

news - SEPTEMBER 30 2

Roccat's highly-anticipated Tyon gaming mouse is finally available.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 2

Sharkoon's Skiller Pro keyboard brings more features than the price point would suggest.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 17

This mouse has a 10,000 DPI sensor.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 3

Cooler Master's latest keyboard comes with Topre key switches that support Cherry MX keycaps.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 14

Corsair kicks off its Corsair Gaming brand with the RGB keyboards, mice, and two gaming headsets.

news - SEPTEMBER 19 19

Turtle Beach has a new set of headphones for PC gamers.

news - SEPTEMBER 19 0

We're out in LA at the Oculus Connect event. It looks like there will be lots of goodies to explore, including new camera systems, VR games, and hands-on with new gear.

news - SEPTEMBER 18 2

This FPS-focused mouse offers new colors and a higher DPI.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 18

Cougar's latest number is an unusual approach to a gaming keyboard.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 13

Logitech's latest keyboard comes with RGB backlighting and mechanical switches.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 9

On Tuesday, Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc updated the company’s Windows blog with news of an updated Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse ($69.95).

news - SEPTEMBER 10 14

Cooler Master's new gaming mouse is simple but offers enough features for most folks.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 14

Razer is now accepting your payments for the new Chroma peripherals. Pretty.

news - AUGUST 28 13

Razer has updated the Orbweaver with the company's proprietary switches.

news - AUGUST 27 7

$250 may still be a hefty price for headphones, but Plantronics has -- at least on paper -- tossed a challenge at some of the industry leaders.

news - AUGUST 22 2

Here's another motion-sensing solution.

news - AUGUST 21 7

Tesoro is launching a mechanical keyboard with the budget gamer in mind.

news - AUGUST 19 8

Razer is offering a themed mechanical keyboard.

news - AUGUST 13 8

Mad Catz is launching a new keyboard and mouse for PC tournament gaming.

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