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Peripherals - Page 9


Peripherals are everything in your digital device except the processor, motherboard, and memory. Tom's Hardware has reviews and benchmarks for all manner of peripherals, from specialty gaming mice, to hard drives, to monitors and speakers.

news - SEPTEMBER 19 22

Microsoft is launching a full-sized ergonomic keyboard for Windows 8 soon.

news - SEPTEMBER 19 6

Intel's latest WiDi technology will allow content to be passed from one device to another directly using a Wi-Fi connection -- no wires or network needed.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 6

We offer our hands-on impressions of Microsoft's Windows 8-focused mobile peripherals.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 19

This patent shows an Xbox peripheral that can project a virtual environment into any room without visual disruption from the player or furniture.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 12

We're back with the second installment of Microsoft's unboxing event. This time we tear into the Touch Mouse and the Sculpt Mouse.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 8

It's like an AIO PC, but based on a TI OMAP4 SoC and Google's Android 4.0 operating system instead.

news - SEPTEMBER 13 8

Sony is entering the VR headset race.

news - SEPTEMBER 13 23

We share our Christmas-like experience in opening a number of packages sent in from Microsoft. Oh joy!

news - SEPTEMBER 11 13

Rosewill evens the playing field by bringing LED backlighting to its RK-9000 line of mechanical keyboards.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 25

BMW's Designworks help Thermaltake in creating one of the most unique pointing devices.

news - SEPTEMBER 7 9

Digital artists can now capture line weights and angles on iPad drawings thanks to this Bluetooth stylus.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 43

Consumers wanting Sony's 84-inch monster 3D 4KTV can pre-order it starting Thursday.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 47

Who needs 84 inches when you can have 103!

news - SEPTEMBER 5 42

Teased in January, the Thermaltake BMW DesignworksUSA Level 10 M gaming mouse finally goes on sale.

news - SEPTEMBER 3 20

Taking VR head tracking to the next level.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 16

How much innovation room is there left in the good old keyboard?

news - AUGUST 31 11

Turning off pixels you don't need can save substantial power consumed by an OLED display.

news - AUGUST 29 27

Sony's rumored monster HDTV is now officially heading to the States later this year.

news - AUGUST 29 26

During IFA 2012, Samsung will reveal its stackable square displays, and its transparent display.

news - AUGUST 29 32

3D display uses gigapixel technology to create an immersive visual experience.

news - AUGUST 28 28

This new 27-inch display cranks out a 2560 x 1440 resolution, and can be positioned vertically for a tall viewing experience.

news - AUGUST 27 12

It's a Smart 3D TV, just more personal.

news - AUGUST 27 35

And you thought mechanical keyboards were fun to type on...

news - AUGUST 24 28

Valve talks about what needs to be done to jump-start virtual reality like the iPhone did with the smartphone sector.

news - AUGUST 23 12

Roccat is releasing the PC-gaming focused Lua Mouse and Sense Chrome Blue mousepad in mid-September.

news - AUGUST 23 25

Yes, you can wash this keyboard without causing damage. It can even be submerged in up to 11 inches of water -- just don't include the USB plug.