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Plextor's next-gen M6e is a M.2 2280 PCIe SSD combined with a x4 PCIe adapter. You probably don't have a M.2 PCIe slot yet, but Plextor hopes their Marvell 9183 powered SSD will find a home in enthusiast...


Plextor is launching two new SSDs under its M6 banner. The M6S and M6M lean on Toshiba's A19 flash and Marvell's updated 9188 silicon. Together, both components (plus some custom firmware work) should augment...

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news - AUGUST 7 8

Plextor's new M6 Pro SSD comes with PlexTurbo software, which accelerates the SSD by using the system's memory.

news - JUNE 4 7

ASRock has connected 22 SSDs to a single motherboard, the Z87-Extreme11/ac.

news - MARCH 15 20

The upcoming Solid State Drive is intended for the next generation of ultrabooks.

news - MARCH 13 22

The company's prototype SSD offers a lower cost and longer longevity than comparable MLC based SSDs.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 28 23

Hot on the heels of its M5S, Plextor sent us the M5 Pro. Loaded with hot new technologies like 19 nm NAND and the latest Marvell controller, the company's flagship was certainly worth waiting for. How does it...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 5 12

Plextor's optical drives were always known for their quality. Now, the company is trying to carry that reputation over to SSDs. Its M5S is actually a fourth-generation offering based on Marvell's controller...

reviews - MAY 1 40

Do you want the best performance from your SSD all of the time, regardless of workload? Drives with Marvell's controller technology should be on your short list. We put seven of them through the paces and...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 6 24

The advent of affordable, high-capacity media could bring a renaissance in optical storage, but only if the performance is adequate. We tested a few of today’s fastest drives with USB and eSATA connectivity...

news - APRIL 13 9

Plextor's first NAS device was developed for the home, home office, and small business user.

news - MARCH 1 29

The premium optical drive maker gets into the solid state market.

reviews - DECEMBER 2 47

Combo drives have a long history of bringing value to people with simple burning needs. As prices for expensive Blu-ray media drops, we review three low-cost drives that can read high-priced content and write...