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Today's desktop processors continue to push the performance envelope, while in the mobile space low-cost and high-efficiency processors take us ever closer to ubiquitous computing. From reviews to benchmarks, on desktops to smartphones, Tom's Hardware has the processor information you need.


In this month's update, we discuss one processor introduction, plus notable price changes to 12 existing products. We also cover some of the news from Intel regarding its Haswell refresh and Z97 chipset,...


We've spent the days following CES benchmarking two of AMD's new Kaveri-based APUs. Do the Steamroller x86 architecture, GCN graphics design, and HSA-oriented features impress, or do they come up short against...

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news - APRIL 7 18

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon chips should appear in devices in the first half of 2015.

Tutorial - APRIL 4

So the point of my tutorial is I want to make it as easy as possible for the everyday user to figure out if that...

news - FEBRUARY 26 6

Samsung offers details on new Exynos 5 chip powering the Galaxy S5.

news - JANUARY 30 73

The wait for Mantle is (almost) over.

news - JANUARY 30 7

2014 looks to be an important year for Intel's smartphone plans.

news - JANUARY 22 41

AMD brings out new server-grade chips with up to 16 cores.

news - JANUARY 22 20

It may have been a long weekend but somebody over at Intel was in the office. Intel on Sunday quietly slipped a total of nine new Haswell processors and one new Celeron into its price list without any fanfare....

news - JANUARY 18 81

This lawsuit alleges that AMD violated the Securities Exchange Act.

news - JANUARY 14 36

AMD has launched three new A-Series APUs.

reviews - JANUARY 6 45

Nvidia gave us an early look at its Tegra K1 SoC at its headquarters in Santa Clara. By far the most noteworthy change is a shift from programmable vertex and pixel shaders to the company's Kepler architecture,...

news - DECEMBER 13 8

Is Google about to add another product to its already vast and varied portfolio?

news - DECEMBER 10 14

Qualcomm expects its new 64-bit chip to appear in devices in the second half of 2014.

news - NOVEMBER 29 6

Odin will likely appear in the successor to LG's G2 and G Pad tablet.

news - NOVEMBER 24 50

2014 looks to be an exciting year for mobile technology.

news - NOVEMBER 21 11

Qualcomm introduced three new products, one of which is the Snapdragon 805.

news - NOVEMBER 18 8

Chris Roberts and four other developers talk about the future of gaming and more.

news - NOVEMBER 14 42

AMD had several sessions discussing Mantle.

news - NOVEMBER 14 22

We take the HD version of Oculus Rift and TrueAudio for a test spin.

news - NOVEMBER 13 21

AMD has introduced new low-power APUs at its developer summit.

news - NOVEMBER 8 33

Samsung will create both a 64-bit chip based on ARM and a 64-bit chip based on a custom CPU core.