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Processors - Page 15


Today's desktop processors continue to push the performance envelope, while in the mobile space low-cost and high-efficiency processors take us ever closer to ubiquitous computing. From reviews to benchmarks, on desktops to smartphones, Tom's Hardware has the processor information you need.

news - MAY 1 121

Intel has most certainly created some tension between integrated graphics, good-enough-graphics and discrete graphics cards with the introduction of Ivy Bridge.

news - MAY 1 22

Samsung and Synopsis claim to have been first with a tape-out of an ARM processor based on the Cortex-A15 core.

news - APRIL 29 98

There are rumors that the Chinese government is interested in unifying a processor architecture in China.

news - APRIL 28 46

Quad-core Exynos won't play nice with LTE.

news - APRIL 27 28

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee claim to have discovered a new carbon material that should push graphene-based electronics much closer to commercial reality.

news - APRIL 26 12

Can't wait until May 3rd for Samsung's big Galaxy unveiling? Well, neither could Samsung.

news - APRIL 25 46

AMD has released slides to the Korean market detailing the graphics performance and specifications of its next generation ''Trinity'' APU.

news - APRIL 25 23

Intel is pushing for around 100 Thunderbolt peripherals by the end of the year as the tech begins to debut on Windows-based PCs.

news - APRIL 24 38

Today's Intel Ivy Bridge launch has been accompanied by rumors that production issues may be responsible for a very limited supply of processors initially.

reviews - APRIL 23 217

One of Intel's worst-kept secrets ever, Ivy Bridge is an evolutionary die shrink of Sandy Bridge with improved integrated graphics. The flagship Core i7-3770K is great if you're replacing an old PC. But it's a...

news - APRIL 23 29

With the desktop Ivy Bridge CPUs set to release on April 23, we get more information on another laptop based on the Ivy Bridge mobile CPU, which is set for pre-order.

news - APRIL 23 13

Researchers at Ames Laboratory's team claim to have found a way to significantly reduce the environmental impact on qubits to avoid that stored quantum information is being lost lost.

news - APRIL 22 95

Mobile devices are expected to reach Xbox 360 level of graphic performance by 2014, if not sooner.

news - APRIL 20 22

An improved version of Nvidia's Tegra 3 SoS will be available in 3Q12 and capable of working alongside current LTE modems.

news - APRIL 20 69

AMD has taken an expected hit on its Q1 quarter earnings as a result of the decision to buy itself out of a manufacturing agreement with Globalfoundries.

news - APRIL 19 16

Intel Reports First-Quarter Revenue of $12.9 Billion

news - APRIL 19 25

Out with the old.

news - APRIL 18 5

Looks likes Lenovo's Chief River offerings will be arriving in about seven weeks' time.

news - APRIL 18 10

If Intel's own CEO is correct, we'll see a Medfield phone launch before week's end.

news - APRIL 18 45

The shortage of 28 nm production capacity is leading fabless chip companies to look for new sources to support their business.

news - APRIL 16 37

Media and Consulting firm UBM TechInsights says it was able to obtain a sample of Intel's 22 nm Ivy Bridge processor ahead of the CPU's official launch.

news - APRIL 16 68

Originally rumored to delay the launch of Ivy Bridge processors, Intel is now believed to have readjusted its schedule and introduce the chips a little earlier.

news - APRIL 15 17

AMD's Fusion Developer Summit is being held in Bellevue, Wash. June 11 – 14, 2012

news - APRIL 13 34

Intel has released a set of Windows 8 tablet specs featuring a 10-inch model and an 11-inch model with a physical keyboard.

news - APRIL 12 14

Lenovo's Medfield phone to debut in May.