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Processors - Page 15


Today's desktop processors continue to push the performance envelope, while in the mobile space low-cost and high-efficiency processors take us ever closer to ubiquitous computing. From reviews to benchmarks, on desktops to smartphones, Tom's Hardware has the processor information you need.

news - JUNE 6 43

Future microprocessors could extend the idea of 3D transistors to entire 3D cores.

news - JUNE 6 8

Qualcomm has scored another close partnership with Microsoft to build Snapdragon processors for Windows RT computer systems.

news - JUNE 5 27

The chip manufacturing race is heating up and Intel could be facing more pressure down the road.

news - JUNE 4 50

Overclocker HiCookie pushes two Gigabyte Z77X motherboards to World Records with the help of an Intel Core i7-3770K and GSkill Trident X Memory.

news - JUNE 3 41

IBM researchers claim they are now close to have access to basic technologies that would allow them to build a "minimum" quantum computer.

news - JUNE 1 71

Bulldozer goes very, very fast.

news - JUNE 1 14

Intel and Orange's San Diego gets the benchmarking treatment a week ahead of its launch.

news - JUNE 1 12

Europe to get its first taste of Android-flavored Medfield next week.

news - MAY 29 8

Two new mobile Ivy Bridge CPUs have surfaced in charts.

news - MAY 29 87

An overclocker going by the name ksin claims to have hit a new record clock for AMD's Bulldozer CPU.

news - MAY 29 16

In a project sponsored by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), researchers at Stanford University claim to have solved one of the major semiconductor manufacturing problems standing in the way of...

news - MAY 24 15

You might want to hold off on that tablet purchase for the moment...

reviews - MAY 24 143

We recently took our first look at Intel's Ivy Bridge architecture. Then, we evaluated its efficiency. Now, we turn to overclocking. Recently, each of Intel's die shrinks has helped increase frequency headroom....

news - MAY 23 212

AMD's future is not in making the fastest processors.

news - MAY 22 11

AMD is now offering its Piledriver core in its R-series of APUs targeting the embedded applications market.

news - MAY 22 110

Tom's Hardware has reached out to AMD and a few motherboard manufacturers to get an understanding of what looks to be a long stemming issue with its FX processors and Steam games.

reviews - MAY 22 75

After recommending Sandy Bridge last year, we weren't particularly impressed by the new Ivy Bridge-based Core i7-3770K as an upgrade. But are Intel's more mainstream third-gen Core i5 processors any more...

news - MAY 20 64

Intel may be reacting to criticism that its processors are simply too expensive to support the lower price tags of Ultrabooks.

news - MAY 18 29

How much RAM does your smartphone have?

news - MAY 16 9

Since TSMC is still not able to push out as many 28 nm chips as its customers are asking for, Qualcomm and its Snapdragon S4 application processor may be next to be affected by the shortage.

reviews - MAY 15 165

AMD steps up to the plate with an all-new processor. Armed with the updated Piledriver CPU core and VLIW4 graphics architecture, the Trinity APU represents an impressive improvement over the Llano generation....

news - MAY 14 31

Intel notified its partners that it will soon discontinue the i7-740QM and i7-840QM processors.

reviews - MAY 14 86

We've already seen that Ivy Bridge doesn't make much of a splash in the desktop space. But we collected notebooks based on Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge, Arrandale, and AMD's mobile Llano, and found that the new...

news - MAY 11 22

Intel's CEO jabs at ARM over a lack of legacy software support in Windows RT.

news - MAY 11 8

MIPS has refreshed its entire MIPS32 core product portfolio and released three new processor families.

news - MAY 10 27

IBM envisions that future processors will be powered not only through single-surface power connectors, but through multiple interfaces, especially via grooves etched into the heat sink that sits on top of a...