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RAM is the fast temporary memory computers use to store the data they are currently working with. The right RAM is crucial to avoiding bottlenecks, and keeping your system fast and stable. Let Tom's Hardware help you find the best RAM for your machine.


Eight gigabytes per DIMM has become de rigueur for high-end builds, even though you get the best data rates and latencies from lower-density modules. We test five 32 GB products to see if it's still possible to...

news - OCTOBER 21 5

20nm DDR4 memory is on its way, courtesy of Samsung.

RAM on the Community

RAM experts answer your questions

news - SEPTEMBER 5 18

G.Skill claims to be first to bring 3333 MHz DDR4 memory to the market.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 13

Been experiencing sluggish system performance with your Lenovo IdeaPad lately? There could be numerous causes for this issue, but the most likely...

news - SEPTEMBER 3 16

Mushkin has made some 'Essentials' DDR4 memory that might be more affordable than what we've been seeing.

news - SEPTEMBER 2 5

Team Group also introduces its DDR4 memory.

news - AUGUST 28 22

Panram also introduces DDR4 memory modules.

news - AUGUST 25 8

Avexir is promising 3400 MHz DDR4 memory.

news - AUGUST 20 18

OCUK listed a lot of DDR4 memory that we haven't seen before.

news - AUGUST 15 10

Corsair reveals its Vengeance LPX and Dominator Platinum DDR4 memory modules.

news - AUGUST 5 37

Adata's DDR4 memory modules are coming to shelves soon.

news - JULY 22 12

Adata has released some new memory, and it is very, very speedy.

news - APRIL 11 3

Your wallet (probably) won't be furious at you for buying this memory.

news - MARCH 11 12

The most advanced DDR3 memory yet.

reviews - JANUARY 13 11

When it comes to memory, most of our focus is on the desktop and its replaceable CPUs. The mobile side typically moves slower. But Intel's Haswell architecture imposes interesting changes, and we saw fit to...

news - DECEMBER 23 15

Crucial has revealed new RAM memory for Apple's all-new Mac Pro systems.

news - DECEMBER 11 8

Team Group's Xtreem White-series memory modules have white heatsinks.

news - NOVEMBER 27 4

Kingston has unleashed its speedy 2800 MHz HyperX Predator memory kit.

news - NOVEMBER 22 9

G.Skill has introduced some new memory for mobile systems, and it is speedy!

news - OCTOBER 24 0

Kingston, one of the biggest manufacturers of RAM and flash storage will be holding two contests in the run up to CES 2014 – one eSports and the other for overclocking enthusiasts.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 28 13

Earlier this week, the Tom's Hardware community had an opportunity to ask representatives of G.Skill anything they wanted about the company and its products. What follows is a collection of the questions and...

news - SEPTEMBER 26 11

G.SKILL has broken another record.

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