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Samsung SSD


Get the latest information about Samsung SSD Products: News, Reviews and Picture Galleries

news - AUGUST 7 7

Samsung is mass producing a new SAS SSD based on 10nm-class NAND.

news - JULY 2 11

It's the world's first SSD with 3D V-NAND technology.

Samsung SSD on the Community

Samsung SSD experts answer your questions

news - DECEMBER 9 19

Samsung's newest line of EVO drives includes a 1 TB offering.

news - JULY 29 12

Ask Samsung anything you've ever wondered about its storage and memory products.

reviews - JULY 26 13

The ATA interface standard's TRIM command helps SSDs write faster and live longer. But if you own a Mac, you can only enable it with an OEM drive installed. A freeware tool turns TRIM on for aftermarket SSDs,...

reviews - JULY 25 64

Last week, Samsung unveiled a successor to its wildly popular 840 at the company's Global SSD Summit in Seoul, South Korea. Stacked with a series of new features and 19 nm, three-bit-per-cell NAND, we benchmark...

news - JUNE 18 12

Samsung has started mass producing its XP941 SSDs, the industry's first PCIe based SSDs for Ultrabooks.

news - JUNE 11 8

It seems HTC and Samsung's UK branches are forgetting their manners.

reviews - MAY 14 84

One SSD is good, right? So, two SSDs in RAID 0 must be better. That’s certainly the case when you're benchmarking sequential performance. But we're finding that, except in extreme examples, one SSD that's...

reviews - APRIL 22 80

Today's fastest SSDs already bounce off the SATA 6Gb/s interface's throughput ceiling. Does a 3 Gb/s link kill the performance of those drives? We run a number of synthetic and real-world tests to assess the...

news - DECEMBER 17 6

Nvelo's "SSD caching" systems utilized for speeding up retrieval of data in devices.

news - DECEMBER 17 57

A chance to win a new SSD every week.

news - JUNE 25 46

As hard drive prices remain high since the Thailand floods of 2011, the SSD prices have taken a different trend, a much appreciated downward trend in prices.

reviews - APRIL 13 45

SSDs serve up data quickly, and prices are low enough that some enthusiasts may want SSDs for data storage. Does the file system you use matter? We compare performance between FAT32, NTFS, and the newer exFAT...

news - JANUARY 26 204

Join team Tom's to try to win in Samsung's SSD contest. OPEN WORLDWIDE.

reviews - JANUARY 26 45

You want a performance-oriented SSD in your notebook, but you also need the capacity of a hard drive. Why not just remove your optical drive, drop your hard drive into its bay, and load up a brand new SSD with...

reviews - DECEMBER 1 60

Flash-based solid-state drives with more than 64 or 128 GB of capacity are fairly small, but they're still really expensive relative to hard drives. Compressing the Windows partition frees up some space, but is...

reviews - NOVEMBER 10 38

With rated write performance as high as 10 MB/s and capacities as high as 32 GB, there's plenty of choice in the microSDHC marketplace. Do the contenders actually hit their performance targets? Interestingly,...

reviews - OCTOBER 7 139

Should you buy a new processor for your next machine? How about a new graphics card? Have you given any thought to the status of your storage subsystem? We're making a case for incorporating solid-state...

reviews - JULY 15 15

When it comes to storage, the 3.5” and 2.5” form factors are most popular. But they're not always suitable for notebooks and netbooks. Samsung is the second vendor to introduce an mSATA-based SSD, after...