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When it comes to mobility, ARM-based SoCs dominate. Join us as we take a look at where the flagship processors from Qualcomm, Apple, Nvidia, and Samsung land in the competitive landscape.


Only two companies still make plasma TVs, so we’re excited to check out Samsung’s latest, the PN51F8500. It boasts 3D, SmartHub 2.0, and superb image quality. In the vast ocean of LCD televisions, it’s a...

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news - SEPTEMBER 23 1

ARM CEO defends its own Mali GPU technologies against Nvidia's lawsuit and ITC complaint to block all Samsung devices that contain Mali, PowerVR or Adreno graphics.

Tutorial - SEPTEMBER 14

I created a free wireless network with My WIFI Router software. My iPad works very well with the connection,but why my samsung got very slow...

news - SEPTEMBER 18 9

Samsung's latest monitor may only be a Full HD unit, but it is curved.

news - SEPTEMBER 18 10

It's another industry first.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 15

Source code leak confirms the 64-bit Exynos 5433 chip inside the international version of Galaxy Note 4; however, the chip will only run in the 32-bit mode initially.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 35

Samsung appears to be working on a new mainstream SSD.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 39

Nvidia is asserting infringement on seven of its graphics patents by Qualcomm and Nvidia and has asked both ITC and a Delaware Court to block Samsung's shipments and award it damages.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 9

Samsung announced the Gear VR Innovation Edition virtual reality headset -- powered by Oculus. But what the heck is this thing all about?

news - SEPTEMBER 3 13

Samsung's other Note of note, the Galaxy Note Edge, sports a curvy display and curious possibilities.

news - SEPTEMBER 3 5

Samsung showed us the new Galaxy Note 4 at its live event in New York.

news - SEPTEMBER 3 3

So what is Samsung's next Big Thing? That was the description the company tossed around during a press event in New York City on Wednesday. The products revealed were expected save for the next smartwatch (more...

news - AUGUST 28 5

The new Gear S comes with curved Super AMOLED display, 3G connectivity and Tizen. Samsung hopes this will help the company win against round Android Wear smartwatches. Can it succeed?

news - AUGUST 20 5

Early benchmarks of the International Exynos 5433-based version of the Galaxy Note 4 and the Snapdragon 805-based model coming to the US, show that the 64-bit Exynos chip outperforms Qualcomm's Snapdragon 805.

news - AUGUST 20 7

Samsung has launched a new 7-inch NOOK tablet.

news - AUGUST 14 7

In an effort to make its own chips more efficient, Samsung delays big performance increases but significantly cuts down power consumption for the new Exynos 5430 as it moves to the 20 nm manufacturing process.

news - AUGUST 13 10

Samsung's slim and metal-frame Galaxy Alpha is finally being officially announced today, after many leaks over the past few weeks.

news - AUGUST 12 14

The "kill-switch" bill is now heading to California's governor for approval.

news - AUGUST 7 7

Samsung is mass producing a new SAS SSD based on 10nm-class NAND.

news - JULY 29 11

Seems that Tizen is not quite ready to come out of the oven.

news - JULY 25 2

Verizon is asking for $359.99 with a new two-year contract.

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