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Servers - Page 4


Servers provide the reliability and power necessary to handle many users at once. Tom’s Hardware can help you find the server technology to fit your needs, from modest SOHO servers to “big iron.”

news - MARCH 12 22

Lantronix announced the xPico, which the company claims is the world's smallest embedded device server.

news - MARCH 1 15

Adaptec today said that it will be demonstrating an interface capable of reaching a sustained data rate of 6600 MB/s.

news - FEBRUARY 15 69

NASA announced that it has abandoned its last mainframe, an IBM Z9 system.

news - FEBRUARY 11 23

Itty bitty Pirate Bay.

news - FEBRUARY 8 47

Time to change everyone's password to 54321.

news - FEBRUARY 1 54

Will users have a chance to save their data?

news - JANUARY 26 36

The perfect Valentine's Day gift for that special WoW enthusiast.

news - JANUARY 4 24

Intel is preparing a wave of new server processors for the first half of 2012: 20 new CPUs in Q1 and another 20 new models in Q2, according to Digitimes.

news - JANUARY 2 36

Can you guess who made the list?

news - DECEMBER 31 22

These are the 2011 patent applications you should be aware of.

news - DECEMBER 28 17

TechPowerUp received a "leaked" presentation that allegedly details Intel's Sandy Bridge-EP platform, along with early performance numbers.

news - DECEMBER 16 51

Nvidia says gaming systems of 2019 will be able to render today's cut-scenes and cinematics in real-time, and reach a performance of "tens of teraflops."

news - DECEMBER 15 15

Intel's Itanium is causing more headaches for HP and Oracle.

reviews - DECEMBER 14 33

Today's article contains everything you've ever wanted to know about PC power supply specifications. Form factor dimensions, cable end pinouts, voltage/amp/watt specifications, and even compatibility issues are...

news - DECEMBER 13 42

Gordon is now ranked as #48 on the official Top 500 list of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

news - NOVEMBER 27 25

Fujitsu has begun offering a new supercomputer, which the company claims can be scaled to a performance of up to 23.2 PFlops, which would make it the fastest system on the Top500 list and even exceed the...

news - NOVEMBER 24 15

LSI Corporation introduces a SAS 12 Gb/s interface geared to the future needs of the server market.

news - NOVEMBER 22 24

Intel has published information about a new entry-level server processor, which is, apparently, already shipping.

news - NOVEMBER 19 38

Once in a while, I stumble across a granted patent or a patent application that makes me wonder whether it is a serious filing or just a submission that tests the USPTO's willingness to grant a patent to...

news - NOVEMBER 16 87

1 Teraflop. 1 Chip. Many integrated cores.

news - NOVEMBER 16 22

Mozilla revealed that it has begun construction on a new data center in Silicon Valley.

news - NOVEMBER 15 30

As expected, Japans K Computer has extended its lead in the prestigious Top500 Supercomputer list.

news - NOVEMBER 14 73

Bulldozer may find its well-suited home in the server and workstation market.

news - NOVEMBER 7 31

IBM is expanding software support for its mainframe server technology.

news - NOVEMBER 5 62

The Riken Advanced Institute for Computational Science said that its K Computer, cuirrently listed as the world's fastest supercomputer, has become the first system of its kind to break through the 10...

news - NOVEMBER 2 17

HP has begun using ARM processors for a new server platform called Redstone, which will become available in the first half of next year.