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news - MAY 28 6

Expect to see the beta towards the end of the year.

news - JULY 12 141

NSA documents show that Microsoft is working closely with the security agency.

Skype on the Community

Skype experts answer your questions

news - FEBRUARY 16 9

Now you can send a video message to your friends and family using Skype.

Tutorial - DECEMBER 25

How to Prevent People From Finding Your IP Address via Skype Introduction Head on over and use a "Skype...

news - NOVEMBER 20 26

Users experiencing unprompted reboot and email synchronization issues.

news - NOVEMBER 6 2

Top up your Skype account with a pre-paid card.

news - OCTOBER 9 28

There's a Skype Trojan that will possibly lock users out of their PC, demanding $200, if infected.

news - OCTOBER 4 5

Skype to offer consumers free WiFi via local businesses.

news - MAY 16 12

You're good to go once the plane reaches 10,000 feet.

news - MAY 2 15

The new Skype network has fewer Linux-based supernotes that now use grsecurity to fend of hacking attacks. Updated with clarification from Mark Gillett, CVP of Skype Product Engineering & Operations.

news - OCTOBER 10 23

With Microsoft closing in on the final steps of its Skype acquisition, lets look at the reasons why they want Skype in the first place.

news - APRIL 22 42

This isn't your father's Wi-Fi... it's your granny's!

news - APRIL 20 65

It is either a marketing coup scored by Apple’s marketing staff to get obscene media coverage for a product that won’t launch for another two months or an Apple employee may not be an Apple employee anymore...