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What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.


Two days ago Microsoft unveiled the first draft of the successor to Windows 8, once codenamed "Threshold", now officially dubbed "Windows 10".


Android L looks to be major, but how does the new interface, abandonment of Dalvik and the introduction of new features affect performance?

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news - OCTOBER 20 7

These are just the minimum requirements.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 9

Since Skype has no built-in feature that allows you to record voice or video calls, you must rely on a third-party application to get the job done....

news - OCTOBER 13 19

Microsoft is generating a lot of feedback on Windows 10 thanks to the Insiders program.

news - OCTOBER 13 32

A mishap with Selective Sync brings free Dropbox Pro for free to affected users.

news - OCTOBER 10 48

You'll need a 64-bit operating system to play this PC game.

news - OCTOBER 9 229

Nicolas Guérin talks about developing a game running 30 frames per second.

news - OCTOBER 8 14

Could this be another Lost TV series?

news - OCTOBER 8 69

Bethesda is being rather quiet about the framerate on the PC. UPDATED.

news - OCTOBER 7 7

This game-creating software is finally out of beta.

news - OCTOBER 6 1

COWL or "Confinement with Origin Web Labels" is a new type of sandbox for web applications that protects user data from being leaked by untrusted 3rd party code.

news - OCTOBER 6 104

A Crytek developer talks about 4K graphics and Ryse: Son of Rome.

news - OCTOBER 3 0

iBUYPOWER and Robert Morris University are building an eSports arena.

news - OCTOBER 3 35

Bethesda caves in and lists a minimum set of specifications for The Evil Within on PC.

news - SEPTEMBER 29 25

We expect to hear that Microsoft will charge Windows 7 users a mere $30 tomorrow during its press event.

news - SEPTEMBER 29 0

Cloudflare's new Universal SSL service gives encrypted web a big boost, doubling the number of sites using HTTPS connections from two to four million.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 20

When iOS 8 users experienced some bugs with the software, Apple released 8.0.1 to try to fix them, but that caused even more bugs. Apple released another update meant to fix both.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 89

Bethesda isn't providing a list of minimum specs.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 3

Major League Gaming has a new arena in North America.

news - SEPTEMBER 19 4

Sony has already landed a deal with Viacom.

news - SEPTEMBER 18 1

Qualcomm has launched the Vuforia Software Development Kit (SDK) for Digital Eyewear.

news - SEPTEMBER 18 1

Here's a secure way to make calls and send texts.