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Software - Page 100


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - APRIL 9 59

A European PS3 owner has claimed a partial refund because of Sony's decision to axe Linux support.

news - APRIL 9 5

Solaris and other Sun-based products are now on Oracle's quarterly security update schedule.

news - APRIL 9 38

EA's billing department for WHO is hitting credit cards and banks with multiple charges.

news - APRIL 9 61

Ubuntu Linux may grab more users once Lucid Lynx enters the scene.

news - APRIL 9 89

The battle of the browsers reaches critical mass.

news - APRIL 9 3

Microsoft this week posted a little sneak peek of what we can expect from Exchange SP1.

news - APRIL 9 16

Get ready for Patch Tuesday!

news - APRIL 9 46

Ford going green to save some green.

news - APRIL 9 11

Could Windows do battle with Linux in the high performance category, and win?

news - APRIL 9 60

Will you pay the extra $40 for the extras?

news - APRIL 8 63

I'm crushed. Are you crushed?

news - APRIL 8 19

A new survey shows that businesses are finally starting to let go of Windows XP and turn towards Windows 7.

news - APRIL 8 34

Software management company CA will lay off 1,000 employees before the fall.

news - APRIL 8 22

Early builds of Windows 7 SP1 bump version numbers to 7601.

news - APRIL 8 128

The eventual release of Steam for Mac has apparently stirred up a little controversy.

news - APRIL 7 41

$1,499? Not bad for a workstation-level GPU solution.

news - APRIL 7 15

Despite all the focus on multimedia and entertainment, Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight have a huge potential for business applications.

news - APRIL 7 68

There's a fix for that!

news - APRIL 7 33

NC State researchers figured out a way to separate memory management from common software processing, finally enabling multi-core support.

news - APRIL 7 19

Though we talked about the iPad being a great device for consumption in our live Q&A yesterday, we also talked about how it could be great for presentations.

news - APRIL 7 36

Come get some... screenshots.

news - APRIL 7 24

New Portal 2 screens via GameInformer.

news - APRIL 6 28

A free, ad-based version of Windows may already be in the making., if not completed.

news - APRIL 6 41

Valve has no plans to update Gordon Freeman.

news - APRIL 5 42

More Duke Nukem Forever footage has appeared, shaping in the form of an actual promotional video.

news - APRIL 3 11

Picking up that netbook but not wanting to deal with that Starter Edition of Windows 7? Read this.