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Software - Page 110


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - NOVEMBER 25 97

Windows 7 users outnumbering those on Macs.

news - NOVEMBER 25 43

Soon your GPU can flex its muscles while you're surfing too.

news - NOVEMBER 25 12

Chrome OS goes up against Fedora 12, openSUSE 11.2, Moblin 2.1 and Unbuntu Netbook Remix 9.10.

news - NOVEMBER 25 26

Dell is pre-installing Valve's Steam service and Portal on Alienware desktops and laptops.

news - NOVEMBER 25 24

Blizzard's Jay Wilson said that skill trees will not be a part of Diablo III.

news - NOVEMBER 24 19

A week ago Microsoft launched new social media features that allowed users to access Facebook, Twitter and LastFM via Xbox Live. Just seven days later, Microsoft says millions of people are using the features.

news - NOVEMBER 24 9

Those without optical drives will have to wait a bit longer.

news - NOVEMBER 24 57

Looks like Warcraft 4 won't be a possibility until StarCraft 2 and its "expansions" are completed.

news - NOVEMBER 23 42

Will Windows 8 be here before the end of the world?

news - NOVEMBER 23 46

What's a gigawatt?

news - NOVEMBER 23 58

This one is a little more serious than Rick Rolling.

news - NOVEMBER 23 17

former Blizzard and NCSoft veteran has launched a development studio to work on a zombie-themed MMOG.

news - NOVEMBER 20 121

No backdoor action for Windows 7, assures Microsoft.

news - NOVEMBER 20 29

It's baaaaaack -- but it's not easy.

news - NOVEMBER 20 59

Ballmer thinks it's fantastic. Monkey dance, please?

news - NOVEMBER 20 32

Who wants to wait until 2010 to get a look at the Chrome OS?

news - NOVEMBER 20 33

Google has finally revealed details about its highly anticipated netbook operating system, Chrome OS.

news - NOVEMBER 19 14

A Chinese court has stopped the sale of many versions of Microsoft Windows because of a violation of a licensing agreement.

news - NOVEMBER 19 51

Microsoft this week revealed that it has already started work on Internet Explorer 9.

news - NOVEMBER 18 22

Get your Office 2010 beta on today!

news - NOVEMBER 18 23

The National Security Agency is a life-long friend of Windows and Microsoft.

news - NOVEMBER 18 36

Itching to know more about Google's Chrome OS? So are we. Luckily enough, the company is set to reveal all about the software tomorrow.

news - NOVEMBER 18 26

Do you pity da foo?

news - NOVEMBER 17 53

Life always finds a way.

news - NOVEMBER 17 9

Microsoft's cloud-based storage will open for business on January 1, 2010.

news - NOVEMBER 17 28

Along with a brand new look, Google has rolled out a few changes to Google Translate.