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Software - Page 115


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 15

LucasArts and BioWare are now accepting applications for the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta test.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 16

Google today announced that it will be sending out thousands more Google Wave invitations to users eager to preview the service.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 38

A recent SEC filing shows that even the biggest executives at Microsoft are feeling the effects of the tough, economic climate.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 17

You were going to preorder it regardless anyway, right?

news - SEPTEMBER 29 74

Free is... bad?

news - SEPTEMBER 29 68

Internet Explorer rivals are opposing the company's proposal for a ballot screen that would allow users to choose which browser they want to use.

news - SEPTEMBER 29 49

Microsoft is officially launching its antivirus tool today following a Beta launch in June.

news - SEPTEMBER 29 67

It's a lot cheaper than retail -- and that's why you've been holding off preordering, right?

news - SEPTEMBER 28 16

Windows 7 Ultimate on a netbook? Sure, if you want.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 2

The very controversial book deal between Google and the Authors Guild has been postponed.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 36

Windows 7! Windows 7! Getcha Windows 7 here!

news - SEPTEMBER 26 64

Not quite instant-on, but very-quickly-on.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 51

Valve Software has appealed Australia's decision to ban Left 4 Dead 2 in that territory.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 39

Intel's open-sourced Mobin 2.1 operating system could give Microsoft some trouble in the desktop and mobile markets.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 24

Have some Windows 7 with your espresso.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 16

Intel has said that the company is working on an application store for the Atom processor.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 17

Google has released a Chrome Plug-in for Internet Explorer in an effort to please those still stuck using Explorer for one reason or another.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 32

Activision Germany pulled Wolfenstein PC from German shelves.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 4

The United States Department of Justice has said that the proposed settlement between Google and the Authors Guild is in serious need of a rewrite.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 85

Hackers just like the PC more.

news - SEPTEMBER 19 89

How does the full XP OS in your pocket sound?

news - SEPTEMBER 19 26

Return back to Rapture once again early next year.

news - SEPTEMBER 19 10


news - SEPTEMBER 18 50

Microsoft is not releasing any additional service packs for all versions of Windows XP.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 51

There's a workaround where students can gain access to Windows 7 Professional for a measly $19.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 132

Nvidia says that special-purpose software relying on GPGPU will propel GPU sales, not PC gaming.