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Software - Page 130


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - MARCH 17 9

It's a slow news day, however today we have a "leaked" screenshot from Raven's upcoming Wolfenstein game and more.

news - MARCH 16 12

Some of you surely spend enough time in Blizzard Entertainment’s worlds to experience them even in your dreams. Now it’s time to put some of that obsession to good use.

news - MARCH 16 6

The Windows 7 team is still at work putting the finishing touches on the highly anticipated operating system.

news - MARCH 14 16

Looks as though the "Toy Soldiers" map pack for F.E.A.R.2: Project Origin will not be released for the PC next month, but there is one in the works.

news - MARCH 14 46

With Windows 7 being the new hotness that could make things spiffy for many new (and some old) computers whenever it ships, every new build just adds to the anticipation.

news - MARCH 12 24

As much as the new features of Windows 7 appear to be tailored to improve the end-user experience, Microsoft still needs to consider the corporate environment.

news - MARCH 12 7

Disney's upcoming action racing game Split/Second is just one of many goodies filling the gaming news bucket today. Click on to find out the scoop!

news - MARCH 11 17

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II is the latest real-time strategy game for the PC based upon the very successful Games Workship tabletop wargame franchise.

news - MARCH 11 15

Although Microsoft’s product line is now diversified into many areas, its core business is still its operating system.

news - MARCH 10 68

We learned before that there will be six versions of Windows 7, but will that be all? Perhaps not.

news - MARCH 9 31

There's nothing better than a hot-n-tasty rumor, and we have one right here, fresh from the mill!

news - MARCH 9 45

With the hype around Windows 7, PC enthusiasts are paying close attention to each new build of the operating system in-the-making.

news - MARCH 7 14

Here are a few gaming nuggets to get you through the weekend.

news - MARCH 6 49

According to an update on the Windows 7 Engineering site on MSDN, users will be allowed to disable almost every major feature that ships with the operating system--yes, including Internet Explorer 8.Microsoft...

news - MARCH 6 1

Here is today's daily gaming madness...

news - MARCH 6 2

Microsoft last week released the Windows Vista and Server 2008 SP2 Release Candidates to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, but now it’s available for all who dare to try.

news - MARCH 5 4

Well gang, it looks like you're not going to get rid of me, so here's to kicking off a permanent PC Gaming roundup. Just hang on as I get into the groove of shuffling around gaming and hardware news! Here are a...

news - MARCH 5 23

The Windows 7 news just keeps rolling on in. We’ve been hearing snippets about what Microsoft will be offering users with its new operating system for months.

news - MARCH 5 10

In the age when we always want things to happen faster for our computers, sometimes even the quickest of processors and storage aren’t enough to satisfy our need for instant gratification.

news - MARCH 4 8

Yesterday Mozilla updated its release schedule to include Firefox 3.1 Beta 3, set to go live on March 10th at 2pm PST. Whether or not it actually lands in the hands of public end-users is another question.

news - MARCH 4 6

To get the day started right, here are a few gaming nuggets regarding Warhammer Online, MAjesty 2 and some whacked-out hospital game. Got anything that belongs here? Send it here.

news - MARCH 3 13

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has indicated to investors that Microsoft is preparing to release a low-cost, low-end version of Windows Server with stripped functionality.

news - MARCH 3 4

Well let's see if we can get more than three submissions posted today! For starters, we have a few tidbits including Runs of Magic info, a patch for Napoleon in Italy, and a 2K sports title heading to retail.

news - MARCH 2 17

Today we're starting the morning off a little late (or starting the day early in comparison to previous roundups), and the news machine is spitting out a slim helping. However, we have a few goodies including...

news - MARCH 2 30

With the huge pool of Windows 7 beta testers thanks to the publicly released build 7000, Microsoft has been tracking various performance measures and the progress its made in the latest versions.

news - FEBRUARY 28 12

Here are a few tidbits to get the gaming news started, including new Blood Bowl screens and EA titles now on GamersGate.

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