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Software - Page 26


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - NOVEMBER 5 38

Microsoft has made available a bunch of free e-books, one of which is a Windows 8 for Dummies: Pocket Edition co-authored by Dell.

news - NOVEMBER 5 24

Emulators are a fantastic tool to get antique Atari ST, Amiga and C64 games to run on your PC. In the future, there may be an emulator that is solving ARM headaches.

news - NOVEMBER 5 30

Microsoft was just granted the rights to a more elaborate display driver update that does not require a computer system to reboot.

news - NOVEMBER 3 11

Mozilla announced that current Firefox Beta versions now come with a feature that forces HTTPS connections to certain sites via HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security).

news - NOVEMBER 2 53

Microsoft's legal team put to work on Windows 8-related patent infringement lawsuits.

news - NOVEMBER 2 13

Apple released the first update for iOS 6.

reviews - NOVEMBER 2 54

We take Medal of Honor Warfighter for a spin on 12 different graphics cards to figure out how much hardware you need to get this modern-day account of our Tier 1 operators' work running smoothly. Not...

news - NOVEMBER 2 23

Is the EU's persistence on upfront browser choices when installing Windows just a nuisance?

news - NOVEMBER 1 17

Acer says we won't see its RT line until at least Q2 2013.

news - NOVEMBER 1 2

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on IM aggregators!

news - NOVEMBER 1 29

Does it seem likely that a professional voice actor would break his NDA?

news - NOVEMBER 1 26

Are you one of the rare few who missed out on Skyrim? Skyrim: Premium Edition might be up your alley.

reviews - OCTOBER 31 109

Shortly after AMD's Bulldozer architecture launched, AMD had us anticipating a couple of hotfixes that were supposed to improve FX-8150's performance. But Windows 8 was the ultimate goal. Now that the operating...

news - OCTOBER 31 17

Quick! To the Steam sales!

news - OCTOBER 30 8

A few technology heavy weights have bonded to create a private research entity to address cyber security challenges.

news - OCTOBER 30 52

Software giant spending up to $1.5 billion to advertise operating system.

news - OCTOBER 30 53

Mozilla hand-delivered the cake to Microsoft last Friday.

reviews - OCTOBER 30 182

The new version of Windows is now available on store shelves, and we have the complete lowdown on Microsoft's latest operating system. Join us as we thoroughly dissect the Windows 8 UI (Metro), Apps, Desktop,...

news - OCTOBER 29 0

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on Android media apps!

news - OCTOBER 29 24

SimCity's release date has been pushed to March.

news - OCTOBER 29 11

Zynga will be trying to exit its financial troubles with "real money" games in 2013.

news - OCTOBER 29 25

John Carmack hasn't forgotten about the Rage modders waiting patiently for their toolset.

news - OCTOBER 28 17

Are you surprised? We're not.

news - OCTOBER 28 12

Stamped app, which has been backed by a range of investors, has subsequently been discontinued.

news - OCTOBER 28 13

Origin PC is now offering desktops and laptops with Windows 8 and touch-based peripherals.

news - OCTOBER 27 42

Google offers a two-step process in switching over to Google Search and Chrome.