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Now a match-making service for gamers, online community, storefront, operating system, and platform, Valve Corporation's Steam humbly began life as a way to distribute patches for Counter-Strike. Times have changed, and Valve is taking Steam to the next level. Today the company is taking aim at the console market, and possibly your gaming rig as well. Stay tuned to this landing page for the latest on all things Steam.

news - AUGUST 15 1

We’re presenting a video of Alienware’s compact gaming PC that is supposed to bring Valve’s PC game selection to the living room TV with Steam’s Big Picture mode.

news - AUGUST 12 12

Steam will soon become a fierce competitor to iTunes and Google Play.

Steam on the Community

Steam experts answer your questions

news - MAY 27 14

Steam Machine makers supposedly won't make a lot of money from the hardware sales.

Tutorial - JULY 6

This is an older tutorial that I wrote for the above purpose. Kind of outdated since steam now has in home streaming, but it is still nice for...

news - MAY 22 20

Steam's In-Home Streaming is finally out of beta.

news - MAY 3 0

You can now stream your games from one PC to the other.

news - APRIL 25 4

Epic Games has released a new version of Unreal Engine 4.

news - APRIL 18 23

Never dish out your SSFN file.

news - APRIL 17 9

Sources say it may not be until November before we see the final product.

news - MARCH 1 22

Family Library Sharing is now out of beta.

news - FEBRUARY 14 19

Not only can you play The Witcher and The Witcher 2 for free this weekend; they're also super cheap until Monday.

news - FEBRUARY 7 98

Valve has made a mistake with the development of the Steam Machine, and here's why it's a big deal.

news - FEBRUARY 4 16

Valve will start testing Steam Music soon, so sign up now for the limited beta.

news - JANUARY 23 12

It won't be easy, though.

news - JANUARY 22 14

Valve now has a version of SteamOS that not only allows dual boot, but supports BIOS.

news - JANUARY 22 24

Sorry, no upgrading possible on this gaming rig.

news - JANUARY 17 8

Attendees of Valve's Steam Dev Days received a little present.

news - JANUARY 17 14

The invitations are going out. Will you be invited to the game streaming party?

news - JANUARY 17 9

Get ready for some benchmarks.

news - JANUARY 17 15

EA's Origin installed on a Steam Machine will be just fine for Gabe Newell.

news - JANUARY 17 19

The touch screen was removed from the Steam controller.

news - JANUARY 16 14

Xi3 wants to support EA's Origin too.