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Storage Solutions


Digital storage solutions can be tailored to meet a wide variety of needs – Security, safety of data, access from anywhere, or enough speed for your enterprise clients. Whatever your needs, Tom's Hardware has the reviews to help you find the best storage solution to meet them.

news - AUGUST 26 29

Seagate announced that it is shipping 8 TB hard drives to its key customers, and that's it. Period.

news - MAY 7 0

You're forking out the big bucks with the 10 TB solution.

Storage Solutions on the Community

Storage Solutions experts answer your questions

news - FEBRUARY 14 16

Here's the world's fastest SD card.

reviews - JUNE 20 13

With the announcement of LSI's SAS 9300-8e and HGST's Ultrastar SSD800MM earlier this year, the world was officially introduced to 12 Gb/s SAS. Today we get our first look at how two times the interface...

news - MAY 22 2

SanDisk is now sampling flash memory products based on the company's second-generation 19-nm process tech.

news - APRIL 29 1

Here's a way to share USB drives and SD cards with tablets and smartphones.

news - APRIL 9 16

HighPoint released the Rocket 750, a 40-port SATA3 controller.

news - MARCH 21 2

ASRock showed off a new server barebone at CeBIT, one with some very interesting features.

news - JANUARY 7 3

This new tech will help prevent data loss in unexpected power loss situations.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 4

Here are two RAID-based storage solutions that use USB 3.0 to transfer data from a PC or Mac.