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Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.


With the introduction of its SSD DC P3700, P3600, and P3500, Intel is giving us our first taste of the PCIe-based NVMe specification. We take the flagship P3700 for a drive in its 800 GB and 1.6 TB...


Tom’s Hardware and QUE Publishing are teaming up once more to bring you four more chapters from the latest edition of Scott Mueller’s Upgrading And Repairing PCs. Today, we're bringing you select portions...

Storage on the Community

Storage experts answer your questions

news - AUGUST 19 36

AMD makes an entry to the SSD market with its Radeon R7-branded SSDs.

Tutorial - AUGUST 13

It sounds simple to purchase a new SSD and thinking it is going to be a piece of cake like swapping out the old...

news - AUGUST 19 0

SanDisk has formally announced its new value SSD, the Ultra II. Last year's Ultra Plus ended up sneaking into our Best SSD For the Money column as a downright innovative solution for entry-level SSD buyers. It...

news - AUGUST 14 9

PNY partners up with the Lego group to make a Lego-shaped USB flash drive.

news - AUGUST 8 0

Raidon's new external hard drive enclosure uses hot-swap bays. That's cool!

news - AUGUST 7 7

Samsung is mass producing a new SAS SSD based on 10nm-class NAND.

news - AUGUST 7 8

Plextor's new M6 Pro SSD comes with PlexTurbo software, which accelerates the SSD by using the system's memory.

news - AUGUST 6 7

This device allows the OS to treat your drive like a read-only CD or DVD.

news - AUGUST 5 1

Adata's new SSDs are built to be used in very harsh environments.

news - JULY 29 0

Here's a new storage solution packed with SSDs.

reviews - JULY 28 9

We have our first retail SSD with JMicron's JMF667H controller. Paying $115 for 256 GB of fast storage sure sounds attractive, but has the company ironed out the issues that plagued it in the early days of...

reviews - JULY 26 0

RAID data recovery and disk repair is more complicated than dealing with a single drive. Here are considerations before choosing a service.

news - JULY 25 12

Samsung's new external DVD drives are very thin.

news - JULY 23 2

WD announces first external hard drives with the new 6 TB drives.

news - JULY 22 12

Western Digital introduces seven new hard drives.

reviews - JULY 20 3

Depending on the severity and nature of your hard drive problems, data recovery solutions can range from free software to expensive services.

reviews - JULY 19 25

This month, we discuss a couple of new high-end SSDs based on fresh developments in flash technology. Are they really that much better than the latest mainstream-oriented drives, though? Check out our...

news - JULY 16 2

New NAS and NAS PRO series geared toward home and SMB users

news - JULY 14 3

Dropbox just got zippier.

reviews - JULY 11 9

It's rare that we get the chance to test SSDs before they hit production. But after waltzing with Silicon Motion's SM2246EN platform last year, JMicron offered us a handful of reference drives with different...