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Tablets - Page 4


Today’s tablets sport a variety of different hardware architectures and can come equipped with Windows, Android, or iOS. How are you supposed to know which combination is best? We get the latest tablets in our lab and test their speed, battery life, display quality, and usability for you.

news - APRIL 22 7

You can pre-purchase Sony's water-resistant tablet.

news - APRIL 22 6

Could this be Google's last tablet?

news - APRIL 14 7

Microsoft may be targeting the Tegra Note and Galaxy Note tablets.

news - APRIL 11 7

Google's Verify Apps feature now keeps a watchful eye on all installed apps.

news - APRIL 10 3

Lenovo is launching three new Android tablets next month.

news - APRIL 7 18

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon chips should appear in devices in the first half of 2015.

reviews - MARCH 28 21

Snapdragon 801, the recently-announced update to the Snapdragon 800, shares some of the same SKUs as Snapdragon 800. So, how do you tell the difference? We break down the family and introduce you to the first...

news - MARCH 27 4

Nvidia had several gadgets to fondle during GTC 2014.

news - MARCH 21 9

Intel gets serious with mobile gaming and embraces OpenGL ES 3.1 support -- and more -- on Bay Trail.

news - MARCH 20 5

Here's an interesting adapter.

news - MARCH 19 21

We look to the future of smart watches.

news - MARCH 18 7

What's the difference between the iPad 2 and the iPad with Retina Display?

news - MARCH 18 16

The 4G LTE version of Microsoft's Surface has finally arrived.

news - MARCH 15 29

The dual-boot machine that almost was.

news - MARCH 13 8

Google's due for a new small tablet refresh this year, and all signs point to a Nexus 8.

news - MARCH 12 5

We take a look at four companies developing haptic technology.

news - MARCH 11 2

The LTE version of the Surface 2 tablet should be here soon.

news - MARCH 11 3

We attended a Sony Canada event last week and had the opportunity to go hands-on with the company's new Snapdragon 801-powered, waterproof, dust-resistant Xperia Z2 Tablet - the followup to last generation's...

news - MARCH 8 34

Everything we've heard about the iPad Pro.

news - MARCH 7 8

Samsung's largest tablet is also its priciest.

news - MARCH 4 3

The OUYA platform is more than an Android console.

news - MARCH 4 6

This tablet provides the sensation of smooth and rough using vibrations.

news - FEBRUARY 28 8

Sony's best efforts yet culminate in its Xperia Z2 series.

news - FEBRUARY 27 6

Barnes & Noble has no plans to back out of the tablet race.

news - FEBRUARY 27 4

Huawei complimented its ultra thin MediaPad X1 with an 8-inch MediaPad that looks very familiar...

news - FEBRUARY 26 11

Huawei's latest tablet can also be used as a phone.