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Tweaking And Tuning


news - SEPTEMBER 26 12

AMD has teamed up with Raptr to create a desktop combining game optimization and social networking.

news - MAY 15 16

A Reddit user has managed to flash his GTX 680 into a GTX 770.

Tweaking And Tuning on the Community

Tweaking And Tuning experts answer your questions

picture story - APRIL 12 23

We take our lab's MacBook Air, yank out its stock Toshiba-sourced SSD, drop in OWC's 480 GB Auro Pro 6G, and chart the performance of both drives. Follow our step-by-step guide for upgrading your own MBA (and...

Tutorial - DECEMBER 1

SSDs are great! The performance boost they give to your system is just amazing. There is however a problem with SSDs. The size of SSDs at the...

reviews - MARCH 7 108

Informed buyers are always looking for more information, and we were fortunate enough to plan for some of those requests. Today’s build adds quietness, storage capacity, and extra gaming finesse to the parts...

reviews - MARCH 1 119

We've long claimed that the sweet spot for value was somewhere around $800. So, we narrowed this quarter's System Builder Marathon from $600 to $1,000. Which one of our three configurations gives us the most...

reviews - FEBRUARY 28 91

With his budget cut in half, Thomas is trying to take the value crown by building the highest-end PC in this quarter's System Builder Marathon for $1,000. Can he out-do the value of Paul's $600 config or Don's...

news - NOVEMBER 21 15

Now anyone can check out Razer's new tweak utility, Game Booster.