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news - DECEMBER 18 0

Twitter may release an edit tool in the next two months.

news - NOVEMBER 14 6

The G Flex will apparently be available from multiple carriers when it launches in the United States.

Twitter on the Community

Twitter experts answer your questions

news - JULY 30 13

Threats made via social networking site land man in police custody.

news - JUNE 29 3

What would Peter Molyneux deux?

news - JUNE 12 5

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on maximizing Twitter.

news - MAY 9 15

Saying goodbye to an institution.

news - APRIL 24 8

The FBI is looking into the false tweet about bombings at The White House.

news - DECEMBER 7 0

Twitter's Trends feature expands across the UK.

news - DECEMBER 6 14

Law enforcement now cannot search through email, private Facebook messages and other electronic forms of communication without a warrant.

news - OCTOBER 20 24

The England team must follow new rules regarding social networking.

news - OCTOBER 10 2

Now you can tweet at the official Number 10 Downing Street account and David Cameron.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 25

Twitter is ordered to hand over tweets of an Occupy Wall Street protestor, or face a substantial fine.

news - AUGUST 26 16

Now you can tie your shoes and check your twitter at the same time!

news - AUGUST 23 22

Apple has ditched its genius ads without explanation.

news - AUGUST 1 15

UK tweeter receives harassment warning from police.

news - JULY 31 6

A recent report from NY Times stirred the rumor pot that Apple may be investing in Twitter. Bloomberg just dispelled such rumors.

news - JULY 24 1

TomTom and CoPilot reveal plans to keep traffic moving during the Olympics.

news - JULY 10 29

British Airways is using new tactics to improve customer service.

news - JULY 3 23

A hotel in the United Kingdom has ditched its Gideons International Bibles in favor of something a little bit more modern.

news - JULY 1 8

Netflix nabs Arrested Developement exclusive for UK and Ireland.

news - JUNE 27 0

Another big deal for Amazon's on-demand streaming service.