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news - MAY 24 7

Mozilla, Reddit, Vimeo and tens of other companies send a letter to the FCC urging it to take a stance on zero-rating services that more and more telecommunications provider are adopting lately, potentially...

news - MAY 16 20

Chrome will block Flash content on all websites except the top ten most visited ones, which will get an exemption of another year.

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news - APRIL 22 62

Most of us have experienced outages, billing problems and customer service frustrations with ISPs, so my frustrating week is not unique. But with Frontier Communications, it has been something different...

news - APRIL 20 3

Corning announced its new Vibrant Gorilla Glass, which can contain colorful printed images to help companies decorate their devices.

news - APRIL 15 5

Skype for Web users can now call each other from inside the Edge browser without using a plugin.

news - APRIL 14 0

Vidyo announced a new version of its video conferencing client and server that supports the WebRTC protocol, enabling plugin-free video calls in Chrome and Firefox.

news - APRIL 6 6

Vivaldi, a new desktop browser created by Opera co-founder Jon von Tetzchner, launched its first stable version with many advanced features out of the box, targeting power users.

news - APRIL 5 5

The Alliance for Open Media announced that three major chip makers--ARM, AMD and Nvidia--joined to help create the next-generation video codec.

news - APRIL 2 38

As part of its ongoing strategy to provide broadband Internet in every home in America, the FCC made an addendum to the Lifeline service that covers Internet acess.

news - MARCH 31 16

Microsoft denies native ad-blocking feature in Edge, while Opera launches its own built-in ad-blocking feature in the latest version of Opera beta.

news - MARCH 14 0

Exciting news this morning as Tom’s Hardware got invited to do an AMA with Reddit’s /r/buildapc community.

news - MARCH 7 17

The FCC announced that it will fine Verizon for its use of a “supercookie” probe to gather data on its service users, which it then sold to other companies for advertising purposes.

news - FEBRUARY 17 3

AMD and the Associated Press announced a partnership to help push forward VR journalism. AMD said it will leverage its expertise in VR to provide support to the AP so it can create immersive 360-degree video...

news - FEBRUARY 11 0

The Rogue Initiative is the latest company to join the field of VR content production. At the moment, it's working on three different projects: an episodic action title, a psychological thriller and an animated...

news - FEBRUARY 10 0

Spinnable, the company behind a new social platform that lets you consume and share 360-degree content, announced a partnership with Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation to bring Spinnable integration into...

news - FEBRUARY 10 2

We first brought you news about Project Sansar in September 2015, but we weren’t shown anything back then. Now, Linden Lab is ready to show the first glimpse of the successor to Second Life.

news - FEBRUARY 8 13

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India banned Facebook's "Free Basics" service along with other zero-rated service in a win for net neutrality supporters.

news - JANUARY 29 15

Stanford researchers released a study that says T-Mobile's "Binge On" program violates net neutrality and is "likely illegal."

news - JANUARY 29 16

The FCC is pushing forward with initiatives to help increase the availability of broadband.

news - JANUARY 25 0

IM360 announced that, in a partnership with the Sundance Institute, it has created the official Sundance VR application, which will feature the immersive cinema and VR experiences that will be shown at the...

news - JANUARY 21 2

Facebook Engineering revealed that it has developed a new encoding process that reduces the size of 360-degree video by as much as 25 percent, and 360-degree VR video by an astounding 80 percent. The source...