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Wireless networks allow your devices to communicate while on the go and without the hassle of wires, but bring their own potential pitfalls. We provide you with information on navigating the alphabet soup of standards, security, and reviews of devices to make your wireless experience hassle-free.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 0

Broadcom's CEO tries to reassure the market that the company is doing well even as it's getting out of the cellular market.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 2

Wireless technologies are increasingly popular as alternatives to cable-based technologies, and their reaches touch almost every area of computing.

WiFi on the Community

WiFi experts answer your questions

news - SEPTEMBER 3 0

Mobile users are using Wi-Fi four to five hours per day, and Broadcom hopes to improve that experience by raising the Wi-Fi speed for mobile up to 650 Mbps.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 9

hiya people was just wondering iv got my gaming pc in my room and the wifi box is in another room i use the internet let at the moment its fine but...

news - JANUARY 6 2

Here's a small router that would be good for trips, accessing public networks and extending your home network.

news - JANUARY 6 4

Broadcom's 5G WiFi chips pack more power and offload processing from host devices.

news - JANUARY 6 0

A new audio SDK for Broadcom's wireless embedded device platform promises to deliver seamless wireless audio to the home.

news - OCTOBER 25 12

British Telecom has been told it can no longer air the commercial that claimed devices like phones and radios could impact WiFi signal.

news - JUNE 27 7

EE is describing it as the world's slowest fastest hotspot.

news - JUNE 21 5

iOS tethering password can be cracked in under 1 minute, but it requires four very expensive graphics cards.

news - MAY 21 3

Figure includes 543,000 hotspots in London alone.

news - MAY 21 8

ASRock has released a teaser for one of its features that will be present on its A-Style motherboards, 801.11ac WiFi. Now, with ASRock's A-Style motherboards, as seen in the video, you no longer have to wait...

news - MAY 9 5

Club hopes fans will share photos and video of their experiences at the matches.

news - APRIL 23 5

That should make a dent in Google's bottom line.

news - MARCH 26 2

Free internet while you wait for your train.

news - MARCH 21 9

Superdrug teams up with The Cloud.

news - FEBRUARY 12 11

WiFi only, WiFi + 3G and WiFi + 3G + 4G variants outed.

news - JANUARY 4 4

Wi-Fi Internet access on airplanes could become more ubiquitous as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted rules to "promote deployment of Internet services onboard aircraft".

news - DECEMBER 29 5

BlackBerry maker will also pay Finnish counterpart ongoing payments.

news - DECEMBER 12 6

Claims relate to BlackBerry Bold, Torch, and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, among other RIM products.

news - DECEMBER 11 0

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news - NOVEMBER 23 4

Tech is on track to be in place by the end of next year.

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