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Windows 8


In an effort to bridge the divide between desktops, notebooks, and tablets, Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is very touch-oriented. Our software news, reviews, and guides help you get the most out of the company’s newest environment so that you never have to feel lost.


Why should Nintendo's 3DS XL, Sony's PlayStation Vita, and Nvidia's Shield have all the fun? We take Dell's Windows 8.1-based Venue 8 Pro, powered by an Atom processor, and try turning it into a portable PC...

news - JULY 23 37

The next version of Windows will merge three platforms into one.

Windows 8 on the Community

Windows 8 experts answer your questions

news - JULY 17 62

Microsoft VP Tony Prophet talks about running Modern UI apps in windowed mode.

Tutorial - JUNE 4

Hi. Today I will tell you how to get the Windows Experience Index (WINSAT) tool with its GUI too, on Windows...

news - JULY 16 14

Update 3 may pave the way for Windows 9 if the new OS is falling behind schedule.

news - JULY 15 85

A screenshot from a leaked build reveals the Start Button and Menu.

news - JULY 10 78

Is our first taste of Windows 9 just around the corner?

news - JULY 9 5

So much for getting this tablet during the summer.

news - JULY 7 15

False alarm, people; the Surface Mini is back in production.

news - JULY 3 26

Many users currently can't upgrade to Windows 8.1.

news - JUNE 30 17

Microsoft may not sell the Surface Mini.

news - JUNE 25 43

There's a third update in the works, sources say.

news - MAY 27 1

Toshiba is adding a couple more PCs to its back-to-school line of computers.

news - MAY 27 9

Microsoft has a discounted version of Windows 8.1.

news - MAY 23 32

Windows 9 will likely arrive in Q2 or Q3 2015.

news - MAY 19 25

A consumer preview of Windows 9 may arrive in February.

news - MAY 14 21

Darn those pesky leaks!

news - MAY 13 0

Microsoft's Windows and Windows Phone stores are becoming more unified.

news - APRIL 16 21

Someone at Microsoft loves us.

news - APRIL 8 47

Want the Update for Windows 8.1 right now? This is how you can manually install it.

news - MARCH 17 22

End of the line before Metro Firefox ever got off the ground.

news - MARCH 7 46

You can grab the update now if you're feeling adventurous.