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Microsoft's PC operating system needs no introduction. From Windows XP to Vista, Windows 7 and 8, Windows RT, and even the upcoming Windows Blue, Tom's Hardware brings you all the latest news and thousands of software downloads for your favorite operating system.

news - APRIL 17 21

Even the IRS is still using Windows XP.

news - APRIL 14 7

How Do I Create a System Image Backup?

Windows on the Community

Windows experts answer your questions

news - APRIL 9 13

Behind the scenes and hands on with Microsoft's personal digital assistant.

Tutorial - APRIL 16

There are many reasons to clean install windows especially for Lenovo y510p users. Straight to the topic, to perform a clean install you need a...

news - APRIL 9 64

Thanks for the good times, Windows XP.

news - APRIL 8 47

Want the Update for Windows 8.1 right now? This is how you can manually install it.

news - APRIL 3 0

Microsoft making things easier for developers to write 'one code to rule them all'

news - APRIL 2 42

Windows 8.1 will get an OTA update packed with several UX goodies.

news - APRIL 2 28

Microsoft shows off the new Siri and Google Now competitor in Windows Phone 8.1

news - MARCH 24 13

Learn how to burn a CD or DVD without any third-party application on Windows 8.

news - MARCH 24 59

Get a credit when you go with the new OS.

news - MARCH 17 15

How Do I Switch the Default Image Viewer in Windows 8 to Make it Like Windows 7?

news - MARCH 14 29

The dual-boot machine that almost was.

news - MARCH 14 16

What Do I Do if My USB Device is Not Recognized by Windows 8?

news - MARCH 12 21

Windows 8 Update is Stuck at Updating. How Do I Fix This?

news - MARCH 10 31

Learn how to get into Safe Mode in the latest version of Microsoft Windows.

news - MARCH 7 33

Is your Internet slowing down to a crawl? Try this fix.

news - MARCH 7 46

You can grab the update now if you're feeling adventurous.

news - MARCH 4 206

It's time to go people. The Windows XP party will be over soon.

news - MARCH 3 16

Microsoft wants a cleaner Windows Store.

news - MARCH 2 38

Here's the latest rumor about Windows 8.1 Update 1.

news - MARCH 1 42

Could this be a "Starter Edition" of Windows 8.1?